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  1. Running through the VMC this evening I noticed I never posted the pictures I took on our leg of the V2V. Good thing I'm a brunette now or I might get teased. To see my strange, funny, interesting and definitely enjoyable photo's, go to my Picasa site: https://picasaweb.google.com/105194788431072842235/V2V2011 If you have trouble getting to my site, please let me know. Better late than never!!! Enjoy, Donna
  2. Got one of those in person not long ago. I actually just went on line, took the course and got it cleared. Most States now report to each other so it could show up on your record. It cost me about $200 but I'm glad I got rid of it. Sucks. But that's life.
  3. Hey Frank, Hope you don't mind but to get the word out there just a bit more I'm posting this on my FB as well as emailing to our club. Ran through one section and found a couple I want. Will finish later or tomorrow and make my purchases all at once. Thanks for sending out the info again! tyrant (sometimes aka as Donna)
  4. To view photo's I took at the Stampede, please go to: https://picasaweb.google.com/rmadylo22/VMCStampede2011 If you have a Facebook page, please add me: Donna Render Dovel I will then tag you or you can tag you on my FB page as the photo's are there as well including the mobile uploads I can't figure out how to move to Picasa. A fantastically fun time was had by all! Many thanks to those who enabled us to enjoy so much good stuff! tyrant
  5. Is anyone from SCVR going to leaving on Monday morning? I'm told everyone participating has posted here but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place??? Anyone care to help a girl out?? :)
  6. So, Bob, were you able to get Brenda to reduce your rate? I'm just wondering if it's 'working'. Thanks.
  7. Room update from The Western Village: Rates to be $45 plus tax: Hi Donna, Have the people that already had a reservation with us, call me directly and I will adjust the rate. If they wait till they check in I will be unable to give them the special rate. Also have the rest of them that have not made a reservation yet contact me directly and mention your name. Unless you know exactly how many rooms you need I wont be able to block them So have people contact me as soon as possible to make reservations because I will not be able to save any rooms for you. Also to just let you know we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy> If some one decides to cancel they need to so by July 2nd or they will be charged a cancellation fee. If you can come up with an exact # of people you might have for dinner we will see if anything can be reserved. Brenda Porter Western Village Hotel / PBX Manager 1 (800) 648-1170 bporter@peppermillcas.com Please contact Brenda directly to adjust your rate if you've already made your reservations. Thank you everyone for your patience with me on this. By golly, I think I finally got 'er figured out...sort of. :) hugs to all tyrant
  8. Thank you Randy, thank you Redd and VERY BIG thank you to Patti, Sydney and Burl for walking me through some of the rough spots. In the end.....well, we'll know how it ends some time in July won't we. See you all there! :)
  9. With some great assistance from Patti....I have made a command decision. We will show up at the Marina Cafe at 7pm for dinner. They'll just have to make room for us when we get there. I'll handle this once we arrive there. As soon as we arrive I'll take a count as to who plans on having dinner. I will then march into the restaurant, warn them and we'll go from there. Never fear, the tyrant will prevail come heck or high water! Ride on everyone and get your room reservations at the Western Inn Village and plan on eating at 7pm. See you in a couple of weeks!
  10. Considering the rates around Reno that I've run across, The Western Village at $69 sounds pretty good. Even on 'group rates' at the others I was getting quotes closer to the $100 range. While The Western Village hasn't offered a 'group rate' and I'm having the most difficult time getting response from the lady in charge of this, I think $69 isn't bad and plan on making reservations for us this weekend. By next week I'll know where we are to have the Baton Pass Dinner. Considering the responses showing above we may have less than 20 people for dinner. I know we had more than that last year. The difficult thing setting up the dinner is letting them know how many people we are. I have a couple of calls to make this weekend and will make a decision by Monday 4/27 as to the location of the 'dinner'. If the response remain as shown above, I will use that number. Therefore, if you haven't posted your intentions on the poll, you won't be counted. I do have some emails of people intended to come, however I have no way of knowing if they also counted themselves in the above poll. If someone has a number better than my guess of 20 for dinner, please let me know and I will work with that. Thanks!
  11. Ok folks, this is where I'm at up to this point. I did receive a call from the food/beverage manager, Dave Crisp, today from the Western Inn Village. VERY nice guy! He explained the situation as it stands for us on the 3rd of July (holiday weekend AND a Friday). He has therefore volunteered to locate some place close that has enough room for us and give me some options tomorrow around 4pm. Also, since I'm still waiting to hear from Brenda, 'she who is in charge of group rates', he is going to get me the info on that as well. Therefore, at this point, we will probably use the Western Inn for staying, except those who want adventure, and will be having our meal and 'turning over of the baton' someplace close. If this doesn't work out, we do have the option of the Peppermill however, from the info I got from them the rates would be: Montego Bay Wing - $99 plus resort fee/tax, Peppermill Tower - $119 plus resort fee/tax, Tuscany Tower - $179 plus resort fee/tax . The dinner would probably need to be held in the buffet area at about $28 a head as is steak/lobster (I think that's what she said) night. Also, the Peppermill is going to want a contract and I'm not big on signing dotted lines ('cuz many times it gets followed by 'raise your right hand'). Therefore, adventures aside, Peppermill isn't my fave choice at this point. Keep you posted as soon as I know more. Ideas are still welcome and I very much appreciate the input I've already received. You guys are terrific and give me the strength to keep plugging on. Love, hugs and all that mushy stuff. dd aka tyrant
  12. I need input from those that will be staying in Reno/Sparks. I have been 'working' with The Western and am having trouble getting response from them. Am still waiting to hear from 'Brenda' who is supposedly in charge of group rates to see what they'll offer us. As for dinner, I have now been advised that they will not be able to accommodate a party over 20. We'll be able to sit 'here and there' as seating is available. Reservations are not acceptable. There is no other banquet room available. Who did this last year and how did you get it done? I've had nothing but 'non' answers from these people. Any and all assistance at this point is greatly appreciated. You can email my personal email directly as I access that more often than here. Cut and paste the following: rmadylo22@cox.net Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm working on obtaining a room rate for The Western Village in Sparks for 7/3 as well as restaurant reservation for the baton pass. Since I'm new to doing this I'm not really 'quick' on the draw and I am stumbling a little bit. I have contacted The Western Village and am waiting to hear back on the hotel reservation. As for the group room rate I have to call back in the morning. I'm guessing they'll want a 'head count' of sorts. For this matter, and this matter alone, would you please email me at: rmadylo22@cox.net and let me know you'll be attending the dinner and staying the night with us at the Western Village so I can make changes if I need to? Please, if I have any bad info let me know as soon as possible. Also, if you have any suggestions, I'd be super grateful! Thanks all, tyrant aka: Donna Dovel Sin City Victory Riders
  14. For photo's from the 2nd leg, Sparks to Ely (including some pics of the ride TO Sparks to be able to ride to Ely as well as some pics enroute back home to Vegas for us 'Southerners') go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/rmadylo22 The site includes pictures from the V2V June 2008 as well as other local rides/events for the Sin City Victory Riders. Enjoy!!! tyrant PS....No one make fun of Roger.....oh....ok.....make fun!!! :blnk :blnk
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