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  1. I dont think anyone would have any trouble figuring out who I am. Not too many here are 6'8"..... I DONT NEED NO STINKIN NAME TAG!!!!!
  2. Yeah, kinda puts our plans on the shitter for sure.
  3. Not gonna make the trip, sorry for all those interested.
  4. If you have to ask, you likely dont need to come !!! LOL I am talking about addiction.
  5. Many of you know that Amazon and I spend a lot of time working with those in Recovery. Just putting feelers out to see if anyone would be interested in a Meeting Saturday or Sunday morning. It would be VERY informal, those in recovery, their spouses, significant others would be welcomed. To maintain anonymity shoot me a message and we will see if there is any interest.
  6. Is like to donate to the silent auction.
  7. My first time too, i have such huge wood for it!!
  8. I wanna meet ya, but do you think you will be able to tell who I am!!!
  9. Y'all have a good time, tough decision but we aren't coming. See ya all next year.
  10. Sigh, we are about 50/50 on coming, my friggin health just sucks. We have sooo been looking forward to this all year. Just cant decide what the fuck to do.
  11. GOOD NEWS!!! WE WILL BE THERE AND WE ARE RIDING!!! We are so friggin excited for this, its our big event for the year!!! I may be a little slow walking with my walker, but I will manage!!! LOL
  12. Looking like due to health issues we won't make it, at least not on the bikes. It just wouldn't be the same driving the cage so doubtful we come. This was to be the highlight of our riding season plus a chance to meet many of you I have chatted with. Plus, Northern wanted Amazon to kick his ass!
  13. Hey Northern, Amazon just bought some new leathers, she will see you at the meet!!! LOL
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