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  1. Dammit, now I have to order something so I can find out what the gift is!!! Is it bigger than a bread box?
  2. I did, she pointed to the magnifying glass.........
  3. Do you only stock "stock" lengths? Wife wants apes so she will need some longer ones.
  4. You need our support? I thought maybe you were growing man boobies from all that good food I see you posting on Facebook!!
  5. Like Jon said, it's only an 1/8" think so you've got something wrong somewhere. Were the nut and axle end flush before?
  6. Look like ass...(said out of complete jealousy)
  7. IDK who he is, but if I ever meet him i'm gonna kick his ass.
  8. Hope you're able to forget about all the shit going on in your life and enjoy a day with family and friends. Happy BIrthday my friend, make it a good one.
  9. God Bless you and the girls Will, I was under the impression that your issues with the wife had been resolved, sorry to hear they've turned to shit again. I'd tell ya that if there is anything I can do, just let me know, but not sure there is a lot I can do other than provide support and say a prayer for ya. You got my number if you need someone to yell at!! :)
  10. You need to stop spending money on the wife's bike anyway Matt!
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