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  1. I have to comment and leave an update on my shock situation. I removed the shock and shipped it off to Fox in Minn. last Tues. and it got there on Fri. Today I got a phone call from Scott at Fox telling me that my shock was completely rebuilt and ready to be shipped out. Because I am currently involved with a Patriot Guard mission for a US ARMY Sergeant that was killed in Afghanistan. I really need my bike on the road as soon as possible. Scott asked when I need the bike ready and I told him the funeral was Sat. morning so he agreed to ship the shock out UPS two day and I will have it Friday afternoon with plenty of time to get it installed and get back on the road . Another point is that if you are riding on a Victory especially a Touring Cruiser with a Fox shock.do not bother with the dealer. The shocks are HIGH. Total rebuild was less than $150 and they guarantee the work.Basically you get a new shock for 1/4 of the price. They are good folks to do business with.
  2. Thanks Beardoggie. I just got off the phone with Fox and I'll be shipping it out probably tomorrow.Just a soon as I get my credit card reimbursed for the part ordered thru the dealership. Ironically the Polaris customer service guy called me today and suggested that I look to after market rebuilders also. this once again just shows the $8 a year to belong in this club is the best investment in the world.
  3. I went ahead and ordered one from a dealership. They are on back order and theres no telling how long it will be until I get a new shock. I am not a happy camper at this time.
  4. My problem is in the parts numbers. A check with Victory shows the 03 part #1500280 The 04 and up to 7042290. Did the 04 and up get a suspension up grade.Will they interchange.
  5. My 03 TC is in need of a rear shock.I was about two hundred miles from home and riding some pretty rough highway where the suspension took a beating. When I got home I could hear a squeaking and in investigating the noise I discovered the rear shock leaking badly. Does anyone have a line on a replacement or rebuilt shock. I am afoot.
  6. I hope that it rains al weekend and all the roads are flooded. Not to put a damper on the Meet but we have been suffering from a drought and in the southwest corner of Ar an NE Texas its been going on for a long time. From the standpoint of some one in the livestock business we need all the rain we can get.If you eat beef or vegetables you might oughta pay for rain too, cause if this keeps up both could get mighty expensive. Besides,if you cant ride in the rain you arent much of a biker.
  7. I have been having trouble with the front brakes on my 03 TC. They puisate terribly when applied. I have remedied the problem in the past by cleaning the diss and float rotors. As of late though it has gotten worse. Checking the rotors I noticed a heavy residue on the right rotor in about s 4 inch area only. As though the brake is grabbing on the right side only on a small area. Thinking that I have contaminated the rotors I scuffed the surface of the rotors then cleaned them with brake cleaner. There was a considerable residue on the right rotor only. Then I took a ride and tried the brakes. The bakes are sill shuddering. I checked the rotors again and noticed that on the right rotor there is a clear indication where the pads have polished out the scuffing I did on the rotors but on the left side the scuffing remains. As though the left side brake is not working. My thoughts are at this point that the left brake pistons are not engaging. Has anyone had a problem like this and what is the simple remedy. Thanks
  8. I think I want to put a right side chees wedge on my TC. I am working on a Patriot guard design to go on the wedge and I'm trying to figure out how to do it. Will I have to change out the oil lines to a set with the mount attached or is there a way to build a mount to fit on the oil lines taht is secure but wont damage them.
  9. THanks, I have a brand new set for sale and have had several people ask about it. When I first checked the parts number Victory site showed them to fit 06and up . But another check later showed 06 and 07. To be sure I'll list them as 06 and 07 only .
  10. Will 07 kingpin shotgun pipes fit an 08 kingpin 8ball.
  11. Will a set of stage one shotguns for an 07 kingpin fit an 08 kingpin 8 ball
  12. The only thing connected to my side stand is a spring. When did Victory start putting a switch on them. My old Yamaha had one but its not on my Victory
  13. I just replaced the drive belt on my 03 TC. And besides being a pain in the neck wrestling with the old belt and getting the bottom bolt out of the front housing it went on with little difficulty. But I buttoned everything up today and took a test run and I am hearing quite a bit of whining from the belt. It is particularly bad at about 20 mph and again at 10-12 mph. I shut the engine off and coasted down a hill and it is pretty loud at the slower speeds . It is not bad at higher speeds but it is apparent. I am just wondering if it is the new belt and it needs breaking in or I possibly have an alignment problem and tension problem. I used a tension gauge and tried to keep my measurements on both sides equal but I could have made a mistake. Could this just be a stiff new belt whining.
  14. Contact your dealer. They generally have small bottles of touch up paint or you can order it from the victory website.
  15. I'm telling you from experience ,that if you do not warm these engines up properly they will not run and will foul a plug. Even if it doesn't foul a plug on start up ,it will die fart and stutter until you get it hot. it has to do with the temp sensors and fuel load. If you blip the e throttle before its properly warmed, you throw cold fuel in somehow and it will foul the plug. I have ridden a 150 miles to a funeral, get off and stand around for an hour , then have to jump on the bike and get ready to move out quickly and if I don't get time to warm it up again it will die even afer having ridden hard for several hours, when it cools down you need to use the lever again. Just try it, and when you pull back on the FAST IDLE lever(at least I didn't say choke) turn the handle bars all the way to the left and it will speed the engine up if the cable is a little out of adjustment. I use carbon cleaner religiously,I believe in the stuff , But I cleaned my throttle bodies the first time at about 20.000 miles and I thought I had a new bike.. I'd almost guarantee you that a good cleaning of the throttle bodies and a little patience in warming this beast up and you will find that you have a new motorcycle under your hip pockets,. One other thing you might check is the battery connection. if the ground is the least bit loose you'll get popping and dieing issues. the terminals have to be TIGHT.
  16. You probably already know this but just a reminder. You have to use the enrichment lever, and when you start it ,never,never blip the throttle until it has had a chance to warm up. I try to give it about a minute or two to warm up. I have found that you will foul a plug every time if you do not have a little patience and refrain from blipping the throttle. A year or so ago, I was at a dealership that had just opened up and had no Victory trained personnel. As I walked into the showroom a salesman was trying to start a Jackpot . He had a woman who was trying to buy the bike but could not get it to run. I watched as they tried to get it running by wringing on the throttle . It would fire and run on one cylinder. The lady soon walked away disgusted and left. I talked to the salesman,who was the new manager by the way and asked him if he was having a bad day. He said that the bike kept fouling plugs and they thought it was because of the new pipes. I helped him change the plugs and showed him how to start and warm the engine first and it ran like it was supposed to. He thought I was a genius. I didn't tell that I had learned the hard way. You might try it out.
  17. I installed a set of Walmart hi intensity running lights the other day as part of my up grade after I added a fairing to my 03 TC I also added a 12V charge port that I tied into the power wire leading from the battery to the running lights. The lights are grounded to the crash bars at the mounts and the switch and power port are each grounded to the fairing frame. Every thing works well. but yesterday I was out riding and trying every thing out for the first time and I noticed that when I turned the running lights on that the digital ammeter dropped significantly from 14.2 plus down to a steady 13.2. A full amp. Is this acceptable. I know that 14.0 is the break even point for charging. I am still running the original battery and it hold s a charge well but I am concerned that it is too old especially seeing a drop in the charging indicator. are the lights too much of a draw/
  18. like I said I dont believe that its all a lubrication or maintainance problem. Some of these cables are just bad. Both of my cables did not "Break" the ferrule or end just came off. Luckily it left enough to get hold of with a small paitr v vise grips and all was well. I also carry now a VW throttle cable stop that screws on and will work in a pinch.
  19. I have to respectfully disagree with the maintenance issue . I have broken two clutch cables in about 18 months. Both times in heavy traffic. The last time in extremely heavy traffic thirty miles from home in 27 degree weather with rain. I was not happy at all. both of my cables failed at the bottom end at the case lever. The ferrule just shredded off. I was able to get a small pair of vice grips onto it an get home the last time but doing it on the side of the road in the freezing rain is a PITA. The first time it broke , the dealer ordered the cable and Victory sent the wrong cable,not once but four times.Victory s area rep finally got it straight after I threatened to drive up there and teach them how to read a part number. They kept blaming the dealership parts manager ,the problem with that was that I was sitting there watching him as he ordered the correct part four different times. This past time I just called Conquest and got a Barnett cable. Its considerably cheaper than a victory cable , better made was here two days after I ordered it. I think that the cable used in stock parts is some how flawed and stretches and parts or shreds easily. The best solution is to just buy a Barnett and forget about it. You'll be money ahead.
  20. My speakers are mounted on each side of the windshield and the amp is mounted with 3m tape to the inside of the chrome vetical windshield bracket. The speakers are un obtrusive and I can hear them fine at at 70. They are so loud that I have to be careful when driving in town because people get annoyed,it interferes with their cell phone. Back last summer I pulled up to a ghetto ride at a red light that was blasting out his rap crap. i just reached up and turned up the amp to full blast and let him hear a little CCR Fortunate son. You should have seen his face when he saw the old gray bearded white dude on the motorcycle next to him. Too Funny
  21. I hate to bring this up ,but where was the jacket made. After being a saddle maker for over thirty years I have had a lot of experience with leather and I can tell you that what you are smelling may not be smoke but it may be the leather itself. depending on the type of leather it s made from and the tanning process it can have an odor that will not go away. I once had some goatskin boots that reeked when wet but when you got them near a heat source to dry out the smell of wet goat would run you out of the house. I bought a roll of full saddle hides once from a South American tannery. These hides were piss tanned. That is they were soaked for days in a pit filled with piss to de hair and cure the hides. I put them in the trunk of the car and started home from Dallas and by halfway home we could not stand the smell in the car. A lot of cheap garment leathers will have a smoked smell also due to the hide type and tanning process. In the case of leathers it is always best to use American or British (European) manufacturers. In most cases the hides will be heavier and no residual tanning odor.
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