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  1. I got to say I am disappointed we are ending this ride on 7/3 for two reasons. 1) Personal/selfish reason I had planned on doing two legs on Saturday/Sunday that are now Friday/Saturday. I cannot take half Thursday and all of Friday to make them but I would have been able to take a half day Friday. So now I will only get to ride one leg. 2) History of Victory motorcycles. I had always seen this ride as being a celebration of Victory's birthday with the ride ending on 7/4 the day that is considered the birthday of Victory motorcycles as the first production bike rolled off the assembly line on 7/4/1998 as a 1999 model. Victory corporate its self make a big deal of 7/4 being Victory's birthday. ~Kevin
  2. What about doing pins on a pre-order basis to be ordered on July 10? I know I would be OK it a slight delay to get one. ~Kevin
  3. Pins have been done in the past... the V2V 8 pin was VERY cool! I think I also have a T-Shirt from that one. ~Kevin
  4. Would this not better fit the West to East format that is supposed to be this year's direction 1 San Francisco CA to Carson City NV June 3rd 230 2 Carson City NV to Ely NV June 4th - June 5th 320 3 Ely NV to Park City UT June 10th 275 4 Park City UT to Craig CO june 11 th 260 5 Craig CO to Castle Rock CO June 12th 230 6 Castle Rock CO to Russell KS June 17th - June 18th 350 7 Russell KS to Kansas City KS June 19th 290 8 Kansas City KS to St.Louis MO June 23rd 293 9 St.Louis MO to Plainfield IN June 24th 280 20 Plainfield IN to Zanesville OH June 25th 260 11 Zanesville OH to Uniontown PA Gene Hunt July 1st 150 - are these the leg changes Gene suggested? 12 Uniontown PA to Cantonsville MD Gene Hunt July 2nd 220 - are these the leg changes Gene suggested? 13 Cantonsville MD to Stroudsburg PA Gene Hunt July 3rd 200 - are these the leg changes Gene suggested? 14 Stroudsburg PA to Chicopee MA July 4th 215
  5. Will I got the lower wind deflectors I ordered Tuesday night today! Thank you for make such a nice product and for the super fast turn around. I was not even looking for a fast turn around this was just a normal order and I had it within 3.5 days from the time I placed my order! THANK YOU for the great service! ~Kevin
  6. This event moves around the MA (as defined by Victory not the VMC) every year. It is put on by the Victory regional sales rep. I have made the last two. ~Kevin
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