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  1. I got to say I am disappointed we are ending this ride on 7/3 for two reasons. 1) Personal/selfish reason I had planned on doing two legs on Saturday/Sunday that are now Friday/Saturday. I cannot take half Thursday and all of Friday to make them but I would have been able to take a half day Friday. So now I will only get to ride one leg. 2) History of Victory motorcycles. I had always seen this ride as being a celebration of Victory's birthday with the ride ending on 7/4 the day that is considered the birthday of Victory motorcycles as the first production bike rolled off the assembly line on 7/4/1998 as a 1999 model. Victory corporate its self make a big deal of 7/4 being Victory's birthday. ~Kevin
  2. What about doing pins on a pre-order basis to be ordered on July 10? I know I would be OK it a slight delay to get one. ~Kevin
  3. Pins have been done in the past... the V2V 8 pin was VERY cool! I think I also have a T-Shirt from that one. ~Kevin
  4. Would this not better fit the West to East format that is supposed to be this year's direction 1 San Francisco CA to Carson City NV June 3rd 230 2 Carson City NV to Ely NV June 4th - June 5th 320 3 Ely NV to Park City UT June 10th 275 4 Park City UT to Craig CO june 11 th 260 5 Craig CO to Castle Rock CO June 12th 230 6 Castle Rock CO to Russell KS June 17th - June 18th 350 7 Russell KS to Kansas City KS June 19th 290 8 Kansas City KS to St.Louis MO June 23rd 293 9 St.Louis MO to Plainfield IN June 24th 280 20 Plainfield IN to Zanesville OH June 25th 260 11 Zanesville OH to Uniontown PA Gene Hunt July 1st 150 - are these the leg changes Gene suggested? 12 Uniontown PA to Cantonsville MD Gene Hunt July 2nd 220 - are these the leg changes Gene suggested? 13 Cantonsville MD to Stroudsburg PA Gene Hunt July 3rd 200 - are these the leg changes Gene suggested? 14 Stroudsburg PA to Chicopee MA July 4th 215
  5. This event moves around the MA (as defined by Victory not the VMC) every year. It is put on by the Victory regional sales rep. I have made the last two. ~Kevin
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