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  1. 4 hours ago, gene hunt said:

    Congrats to Leg Captains Donna Dovel and Rose Mandile and  all the Leg 2 participants for completing Leg 2 of the 19th annual V2V. I wish I could have ridden with you it looks like it was a good route/ride. - Gene 

    Hwy 50 East of Carson City is the most desolate road you ever want to see for about 300 miles is a lot of nothing. I think there are 4 or 5 little towns along the way. but I ride it

  2. in the past the hotel has been the Hotel Nevada  https://www.hotelnevada.com/  and the Jailhouse across the street. the Hotel Nevada has a downstairs dinning room that can handle everyone and a night watchman who keeps an eye on our rides parked right outside along the main drag. great place for an after ride refreshment admiring each others bikes.   And the best part is nobody has to travel once there. except for fueling up they have it all.

    I have booked it a few times in the past as had others from southern Nevada but Wendy & I have other plans this year that conflict. I/we have always had a great time here .

  3. Sorry folks but I will be unable to meet up in Ely on Thursday and lead the group back to Carson City Friday.

    I seem to have an infection where I recently had surgery and I ain't riding across the desert in that condition. Wendy & I should be able to meet up for the hand off dinner at the Carson Station Friday night at 7pm.

     :chpr  I certainly hope someone will step up to take the Baton from Ely to Carson City. :chpr

  4. robbrutus - 2015-01-06 11:14 AM



    Welcome to the 16th Annual Victory Highway Relay (V2V)



    Leg Captain:

    Co. Captain:





    I can lead the group in from Ely to Carson. I already got rooms & dinner set up at this end.

    We already have reservations in Ely as well

    I don't think anyone else from our LC can get time off for this years V2V so there doesn't seem to be a co-captain

  5. I signed for the rooms yesterday, when calling mention "Victory" that is the file our block of rooms are being held
    half Kings and half Queens and I believe the queen are doubles
    reserved block goes away June 26 so get your resies early

    address is 900 S. Carson st. right on the main drag and right down the street from the Capitol grounds there is also a Great bar across the street called Redds, they boast 101 different beers.

    toll free # is 800 501-2929
    or local is 775 883-0900

    web site  http://www.carsonstation.com 

  6. I reserved 20 rooms at the Carson Station and the dinning room we had dinner in last year as well. dinner at 7pm

    I should have final details later this afternoon or tomorrow. looks like the room split will be half kings and half queens and the reserved status will go away Friday June 27th

    Hotel just called and rates are the same for either rooms $89.00 + tax

    I'll go in tomorrow and sign the contract

    :chpr :chpr   see ya in July :chpr :chpr

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