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  1. our pleasure i'm sure. always a great time, get out & ride
  2. was great riding with you again Redd, good trip out to meet up and come back with the group. Jeff, it was a pleasure meeting you too. Good ride over Carson Pass. these are some of the pics my wife took on our way out to Ely to meet up. some other pics of both dinners and a rest stop going down hwy 88. have to do it again next year
  3. do any of you remember seeing that guy walking down the highway pushing his cart on our way across from Ely? he's now in Carson City, seen him on my way home after an early ride this morning. thats one long walk across one very lonely highway. hot too. better him than any of us.
  4. didn't realize it was that thin on top me head, almost shaved it off when we got home. That was one HOT ride across that desert, both ways. Wendy and I had a blast this year, real good time was had by all :beer :beer :beer pics later, now it's miller time
  5. Expect higher than normal temps in Carson City and points east. We live 15 miles east of Carson in Dayton and it's 11:30am and it's already a 100 on my shaded patio. see you tomorrow in Ely
  6. If anyone from the Lake Tahoe, Reno, Carson, Dayton or Gardnerville area wants to ride out to Ely to meet up with the group coming in from Utah with us you are welcome. We will be having breakfast at the old Terribles Casino in Dayton now called Gold Ranch Casino (755 hwy 50 East) about 8am on July 2, I believe Redd will be meeting us there. :chpr we will leave right after we finish eating, should roll in to Ely around 3pm :chpr
  7. i'm using a cross country trainer, it doesn't take up as much room a the nordic trak but I get the same workout and I can ski a lot of miles while watching the boob tube or some tunes. just getting the mt. bikes out and tuned up and I will be riding 7 - 10 miles a day on that also.
  8. Wendy & I will see y'all at the bar, should roll in around 2 - 3pm. save us a beer or 2 I may even have a little home brew
  9. Donna, what kind of problems? Wendy and I have never had a hot water issue in the 3 or 4 times we stayed there.
  10. website for the Hotel Nevada is http://www.hotelnevada.com and it is in Ely not Elko. fun place and they will make sure our bikes are safe while we sleep, or whatever it is we're doing.
  11. we already have reservations at the Hotel Nevada, just gotta see if we can make it.
  12. maybe, got a lot on the fire. give us a call when ya get to Carson City and Wendy & I will meet up that afternoon or evening. depending what route you take we may meet up on the road.
  13. Wife and I had a great ride out to meet up at the top of Carson Pass and good time the rest of the afternoon and into the night at the casino. :y: :y: was good to see y'all again. didn't feel up to getting up early to ride out with though, you folks have a great time going across the desert.
  14. thats some Fast shipping, ordered a clutch cable Monday and have it on the scoot today. :y: :y: Thanks Man
  15. fortunatley, the cable broke at a Very good location, the 1st light entering Carson City. got the bike off the hwy and onto Clearview Lane and had Wendy get back on and used the starter & 1st gear to get her going, Fired right up and hauled ass. we only had to run 3 stop signs all on back streets just going around Carson to avoid all the lights through town. the only light I was worried about was the one getting on to hwy 50 east right at the bottom of the hill heading into Moundhouse, piece of cake, very light traffic. the only light that Dayton has I wasn't worried about at all.
  16. had a great morning ride all the way from Fernley to Jackson where Wendy & I had to turn around and come back home. good thing too as my clutch cable snapped just as we got back into Carson City, had to run every red light and stop sign but the scoot got us home.
  17. Wendy & I may just meet up with you folks for part of this leg. The planned route goes right past our place in Dayton. The ride to Jackson is beautiful this time of year and one we like to do. Carson pass is a real nice twisty ride. :y: :y: our plan will be to meet up Fernley before 8am and ride to Jackson with you all, have lunch and come back to Dayton. See you Monday morning.
  18. raining here in northern Nevada right now but is supposed to clear tomorrow, i'm less than 30 miles from Fernley.
  19. Congrats to Jeff & Erica and you as a new grandpa Randy, good lookin kid :y: :y:
  20. Wendy & I have to cancell out on this years ride to Ely and back, got to much going on and not enough funds. hopefully we will be better prepared next year. You all have a safe ride
  21. Wendy & I should be able to do this. really missed going on this last years. :chpr
  22. Booked us this morning :y: 740 miles one way, looks like a couple nights in Vegas or somewhere, going and coming home. YeeHawwwwww
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