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  1. I think there's still some available: Sgt. Michael K. Clark patch - free - http://www.conquestcustoms.com/sgtpatch.aspx
  2. "Not all chrome is created equal..." That says it all right there. The factory must use crap from China - it's the pits (pun intended). Not sure but I think you're preaching to the choir here, Will. Most folks who know you, KNOW that you won't put out a crappy product. Never mind, I guess I answered this myself - not everyone in the VMC know you... but they SHOULD!
  3. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. When they are done, I'm sure Will won't keep it a secret.
  4. Will - I hope it's functional - big enough to hold a good sized tour bag & and able to use decent sized bungee cords. My old TC's luggage rack was perfect for that.
  5. Will - any idea when we are going to see an alternative to the factory street luggage rack?
  6. I don't check all the posts/forums and just heard about this today. Sorry about your loss, Will. I lost my dad in 1980 after battling cancer for 3 years, when he was only 59. It was really bad for everyone. But you should enjoy the memory of that father/son ride together, and never let it go. See ya this weekend.
  7. Why don't you have your email set up with cycleopsusa.com? Most web hosting companies give you a bazillion email addresses as part of their package. This way you can use a local email client (like Outlook Express or Eudora), or the hosting company's web based inteface (good if you're on the road). Besides it looks more professional to have email addresses like "info@cycleopsusa.com" or "sales@cycleopsusa.com" or even "will@cycleopsusa.com". If you need help with thais let me know.
  8. Pretty cool. I wish I had the time/money to do this ride sometime soon. BTW - who owns the Vision with the flag paint? I like it!
  9. Damn, I wish I could make this. I'm just too freakin' poor and can't afford the time off to get there & back. If you guys have 1/2 the great time that we had last year at the Meet in the Mountains in NC, you'll have a blast! Well, maybe except for Devilboy's run-in with the local cop. Well, Marc was a good sport about it afterward and is always the first to laugh at himself.
  10. Victory Touring Cruiser OK - so I'm narrow minded, so what?
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