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  1. ROOM TAKEN Hope to see many of you there!
  2. I have a room to split cost with someone who needs a room 772-532-6216 or PM
  3. Can't make it, but I hope you have a good turn out.
  4. News flash! I have a room reserved at the Red Lion if someone wants it! PM me
  5. Here's an idea for the organizers. At the Billings. Meet they had photographer set up on one of the rides and then sold them on line. This makes for a great piece of memorabilia.
  6. That sucks for you guys, we've been real luckey for several years down here in the Alley. Hope all are well!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Size, about the same. Vendors this year many more at AVR. The big difference is at the VMC National there is much more comradery do to the fact it is all driven by people who have gotten to know each other through are virtual clubhouse (this forum) while the AVR is anyone who owns a Vic and has heard about the AVR. This was a good thing for the VMC this year as we had more than 50 new members sign up at the both we had set up. Both are a real good time, but if I had to choose one over the other it would be our National Meet (I've been to the last three and the last two AVR)
  8. First to register! What are you all waiting for?
  9. If weather cooperates I might be there Tues.
  10. still looking for someone to share my room!
  11. Really, no body wants to split the cost of a room? If it will help the cause I will stop drinking during the meet, if all this talk of my drunken debauchery has gotten everyone scered off.
  12. By the way, I am seriously looking for a roommate
  13. I have booked already and am looking to share my room. Preferences in order would be: 1. Good looking, young, single female with a lust for having a good time. 2. Good looking single female with a lust for having a good time. 3. Single female with a lust for having a good time. 4. Someone who can tolerate a roommate who MIGHT tend to get a little drunk (especially if she's only a # 3). 5. Anyone that can foot half the bill. P.S. Anyone fitting the discriptions of either #1 or #2 are not subject to footing half the bill
  14. Anyone from the S.E. going? Contact me if you don't mind having me tag along and maybe split some hotel nights.
  15. Damn, just back from one trip and it's time to start planning another........Hellllllllll ya, let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Gotta say, that's damned incriminating! Sure does explain the way I felt the whole next day.
  17. Well in my defense, it looks like I was smart enough to keep my armored jacket on in case I went down.
  18. http://www.mapquest.com/mq/8-TaOCBMKH8RipQ8jrLWR7 Looks like I'll be there 13th thru 15th
  19. This is a link to as final plan as I'm gonna get. If my trip plan goes like last Summer I shouldn't be more than a few states off course at any given time. http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=94165&posts=15&start=1
  20. http://www.mapquest.com/mq/9-Jp2L try this!
  21. http://www.mapquest.com/my/private/51#mqPgSt18 I hope to put 14 NEW states under my Hammer this Summer putting my total at 42 states I've riden in. Hope to also meet many VMCers along the way.
  22. Any suggestions for this, other than what's been mentioned above? http://www.mapquest.com/mq/9-Jp2L Damn Jim, I thought you were takin a leasurly up with Curly, dennis and me.
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