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  1. There is also a proposal for New Hampshire. With a bit of luck, an announcement might be able to be made by turkey day.
  2. Sorry to hear this! You will be missed! Congrats on the Vette.
  3. If the hotel is Embassy Suites, it looks like they charge $10/day for wifi...
  4. HOTEL INFO... I called the hotel today. They said since I'm blocking just 5-10 rooms, it'll be best to go online to get the best price... Currently the rate is $71.40 So the hotel is Days Inn St. Louis - Lindbergh Blvd. It has an indoor pool, Wi-Fi, breakfast, and has a bar/restaurant in the same parking lot. MUCH nicer bar than last years place. For dinner there is a Longhorn Steakhouse within walking distance. Here's a link to the hotel: http://www.daysinn.com/hotels/missouri/st.-louis/days-inn-st-louis-lindbergh-boulevard/rooms-rates?partner_id=&hotel_id=04651&campaign_code=&checkout_date=06%2F29%2F2014&brand_id=DI&children=0&corporate_id=&teens=0&affiliate_id=&iata=&rate_code=&adults=1&checkin_date=06%2F28%2F2014&rooms=1
  5. Co-Captain: Postman Hotel: Found another new one. Need to get details worked out.
  6. I'll take Leg 8, co-cap to be named at a later date.
  7. If an annual set location is desired, go to the AVR. It's in the same place every year and the weekend, I believe is the same every year. If that is not good enough, you can go to one of the regional events, which are usually set weekends. As for national, I LOVE that it moves around. As has been said, it give us an opportunity to see other parts of the country. If the date was the same every year, it might exclude an area due to other local events for that area. This years national meet allowed me and 12 others from 3 different chapters to ride together to the northwest part of the country and hit Sturgis on the way home in the same trip. If the dates were spaced out, not sure if we would have had as many go with us. Not every year is that going to work out this way. But let me just say that I think it was a trip of a lifetime. We saw about as much as you could see in 2 weeks go to and coming from. We just didn't have enough time in Sturgis to do all we wanted to do. That'll be a another trip. Maybe in 2 years for the Sturgis' 75th anniversary... I would urge the BOD to keep the flex dates and location for the national meet. It would be great if we could get the location determined 2 years out, but that is me being selfish.
  8. That is phenominal! Thank you for sharing the pic!
  9. A little further ride and you can go to Mount Washington to the north or Niagra Falls to the west.
  10. There's a group of 10 of us who are going to Glacier National Park before we get to the meet. Can we travel on Going To The Sun Rd? Or should we avoid it?
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