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  1. Yes, Paul and I are keeping each other updated on what's going on.
  2. Ok, I'm in. One item we're thinking of changing this year is where to end the leg. in years past, it was in Castle Rock. However, this year, one of the local Victory dealers in Littleton, wants to help support / promote / sponsor the rally / leg. We're talking with the local dealer to see what they are willing to do. Depending on what these discussions reveal will determine if we change the end point. Our local VMC chapter, PDVR, is attempting to get these discussions done quickly to inform those that will be meeting us in Castle Rock or Littleton. Please stay abreast. We will try to update this thread as soon as we have information to pass. Thank you.
  3. I'm looking at volunteering to be the Ride Captain again this year. Just need to clear it with work.
  4. Donna, Here's the info on the Bear Valley Inn: Bear Valley Inn 755 E Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-8101 Tell everyone on your leg to make reservations sooner rather than later; Joe and Brandi need to know how many of us to expect to know how much food to buy for the dinner they will be cooking for us.
  5. Unfortunately, I can't make it all the way out to Utah for this leg (at least not this year). But I am leading Leg 5 from Craig to Littleton, CO (new end point). Just wanted to let everyone know we'll be staying at the same Bear Valley Inn in Craig. Bear Valley Inn 755 E Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 (970) 824-8101 Rate is $54 + tax = $60 Make your reservations early. Also, whoever decides to lead this leg, try to get a head count so they know how many rooms to set aside. And don't forget about the wonderful dinner Joe and Brandi cook for us at no additional charge. Can't wait to see what they'll have for us this year. See you then.
  6. Thanks for the video ichi. It was a really good day. Especially compared to what you guys had to deal with the previous two. It was great meeting and riding with you this day. Glad you made it home safely. Sorry it had to be bitter-sweet. Look forward to riding with you again in the future. Thanks for making our leg even more enjoyable and memorable.
  7. Hi Chris, It was great having you and Dave on the leg. The word must have gotten from the Kansas deers to the Colorado deers to not chance any road crossings if they see a white form coming down the road. LOL Now we just need to figure out how to get control of the weather. But you're right, the weather this year was much better than 2 years ago. Looking forward to next year already.
  8. Someone just told me that the link to the route we will be taking is NOT correct. I've tried to fix it, but Google Maps isn't cooperating. So I'll just tell everyone the slight difference. Instead of going west all the way to Silverthorne and heading up Hwy 9, we will be following Hwy 40 (Old Victory Hwy) and break off from I-70 seven miles west of Idaho Springs and head north over Berthoud Pass, through Winter Park, and then on to Grand Lake. My apologies for the map issue. It worked fine from a Word document. Hope everyone understands the route. See you in a few weeks.
  9. Sue, Totally understand. We'll make sure Benny doesn't get into too much trouble. Gotta watch out for those older, more seasoned guys. :tu
  10. Here's the route we will be taking to Craig. http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Days+Inn+%26+Suites,+Castleton+Way,+Castle+Rock,+CO&daddr=39.4922938,-105.0939929+to:39.5001929,-105.1942086+to:Conifer,+CO+to:Idaho+Springs,+CO+to:Grand+Lake,+CO+to:Steamboat+Springs,+CO+to:Craig,+CO&hl=en&ll=39.993956,-106.243286&spn=1.508668,3.197021&sll=39.970806,-106.207581&sspn=1.509179,3.197021&geocode=FdhRWQIdoNq_-SFJzS_K516gdCkdcERdwJlshzFJzS_K516gdA%3BFcWaWgIdmGS8-SkLn0J-z3xrhzFAu8GQ3TTFrA%3BFaC5WgIdIN26-SktyNFQ8nprhzE1oE6KHFPShA%3BFUwLWwIdSSu5-SkDttygUXFrhzHPIbwwx-LeIw%3BFRhsXgIdeP21-SlVbhvJJaVrhzFoP1-R4pqe-w%3BFS8zZgIdpUSx-Sl9yfpYg4FphzESI4eYscMjgw%3BFXHAaQIdnOCh-SlhRlYJgXtChzF9z25I0aOoGw%3BFbE2agIdqviW-Sn7ACws3KZDhzHmO3Hu8cLslg&oq=Steamb&mra=pr&via=1,2&t=m&z=9
  11. Jim, Glad you and the wife (ahhhh, forgot her name) will be joining us again. We'll be having dinner and the baton exchange at the Rockyard Brewery in Castle Rock on Saturday night at 6 pm. Will be leaving Castle Rock around 9 am on Sunday. See you then.
  12. Dave, Glad you can make it again this year. I'm hoping we get another good turn out like last year.
  13. BTW, if you plan to ride on this leg, don't forget to vote at the top of the thread.
  14. As in years past, we will be staying at the Bear Valley Inn for the evening in Craig, CO. Brandi and Joe are always wonderful hosts, they even cook dinner for us. For reservations: 970-824-8101 (mention Victory Motorcycle Club) Rooms: $60 flat rate. address: 755 East Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625 As mentioned, they will be cooking dinner for us, so please make your reservations so they know how much food to get. In the past we've had BBQ chicken; last year it was prime rib. Can't beat all that for $60.
  15. In the past, we've stayed at the Days Inn & Suites Castle Rock, 4691 Castleton Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109, (303) 814-5825. It's up the hill from the Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Co. where we've held the baton change and dinner. If anyone has other suggestions, please provide. Paul, will you be contacting them to set up reservation info? I plan to contact the hotel in Craig for the leg from Castle Rock to there.
  16. One of our Colorado Vic Riders, and his wife, graciously volunteered to take the baton to Wilson. Sorry to hear about the Leg 6 Ride Captain. We hope he heals quickly. Spike: Good luck tomorrow. Say a big Thank You to Dave and Chris (the volunteers) for us. We had an awesome time on Leg 5.
  17. Charlie, Don't forget to submit your number at the top of this thread so we know how many people to expect. Thanks.
  18. Since this is not that long of a leg, departure from Craig, CO will be around 9 am. Should arrive in Castle Rock between 2 – 3 pm. Hotel info: Days Inn & Suites Castle Rock 4691 Castleton Way Castle Rock, CO 80109 Contact: Nila, pronounced “neela”, 303-814-5825, ext 402. Mention “Victory Motorcycle Rally”. Rates: $65.00 until June 9. After June 9, $79.00. If you book after June 9 and they quote you $79.00, try to negotiate. Dinner/Baton Pass: 6 pm. Rockyard American Grill 880 Castleton Rd. Castle Rock, CO 80190
  19. Patti, Go ahead and put me down as the leg captain for this leg. I'll start getting the hotel and dinner location info and post it soon.
  20. I'm considering volunteering as the leg captain. I rode on this leg last year, but could you tell me what entails being a leg captain?
  21. Is the plan for lodging to stay at the Bear Valley Inn in Craig, CO again like years past? They put on an awesome BBQ chicken dinner last year. Might want to see if they'll do it again. Don't want to rush you, but it's less than a month away. I'd just like to get my reservations in sooner than later. Some from Colorado have already made reservations for hotels on the other side of town. The sooner we have the lodging info, the better chance of everyone being close to each other, or better yet, at the same place.
  22. After some ideas from some friends, i finally got it done. Thanks to all who helped.
  23. I just bought the Dakota Digital MCV-7100 speedo/tach and the associated mounting bracket/wiring harness (VM-170). I'm having difficulty figuring out how to connect the so called Direct Plug/Fit wiring harness. Has anyone bought this and know how to connect everything? The VM-170 didn't come with any instructions; is it supposed to? Does anyone have a copy of the instructions they could send me? Also, how do you know which wires from the harness connect to which wires in the headlight bucket? None of the wires are labeled, and I haven't been able to find any schematics to show which wires in the headlight bucket are for which sensors, e.g. tach, highbeam, neutral indicator, low fuel, oil pressure, etc. I may not be very familiar with motorcycle electrical systems, but I'm pretty good at following instructions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.
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