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  1. Thanks for your hospitality. We picked up a couple of shirts, thanks for the good deal. The lunch was great. We found a slow, twisty rural road on the way out and enjoyed the whole day. Paul
  2. We're trying to get dates for vacation lined up. Are the dates for VITO set yet? Paul
  3. Whoo Hoo! I'm in! Just got pulled off the waiting list. Oh, wait.. that means someone else had to cancel. Sorry, man. Looking forward to this, my first VITO! Paul
  4. Nice job, Scott. I've seen some of those characters before. Not as good as being there, but nice all the same. :y:
  5. Paid with PayPal. There is a "note to vender" box. Filled that out with beef or chicken and name information. Can't wait!
  6. I just rolled in after stopping at my wife's work and my work to let everyone know I survived the trip. Sunday, we rode hard to Sturgis and stopped long enough to ride up and down the street, stop at the Victory store for a T-shirt and look at the new models. Another hard ride to Sioux Falls, SD. Just missed some rain outside of Sioux Falls, SD where we spent last night. Pleasant ride to Des Moines this today. I left 'BlkYelloV92C' at his turn-off near Ankeny, so I might assume he is home also. Had a great time, great to meet everyone. Until another time, ride safe. Paul Hohlfeld
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