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  1. Registered! Can't wait to wring out my Vegas down in the valley! See y'all there!
  2. I was thinking it'd be cool to auction them but obviously they may be a problem. Maybe have a reserve and if they dont meet that then the WSVR can keep them?
  3. For anyone interested in rollen' to Little Sturgis with us Friday July 26th here's the plan: Meet up at Charlie's Bar & Grill just outside of Potterville @ 10am Actual addy: 116 Lansing St Charlotte, MI Back road riden', small town watering hole stops and lots of fun will be the objective. Please have a full tank of gas when you arrive at Charlie's. There's a gas station just off I-69. This has become a tradition and is always a blast! Hope to see you there! -Matt
  4. Mark B was there???? WOW! I remember a time when Vic corp ignored the VMC....
  5. HA HA HA HA!!!! FAG! :gf (Says the loser who wasn't even there... :( )
  6. Maxed out the payload on that Dodge didn't ya?
  7. All I want for Father's day is to do be able to do this Iron Butt ride and I can't do it the week of the 7th....
  8. :y: Gotta sell this idea to the wife...
  9. Yeah a babysitter would work, maybe if I could find one but the real problem is that I'm suppose to be spending time with the kids on a holiday weekend. You know the X bitch and I rotate holidays every year and next year this one is mine. I'm thinking about just doing what Bruce did for the SE meet this year. Just bring the whole gang. I have to see what Jodi thinks about that because she would probably be the "babysitter" during the day... Unless I can find someone to come along with us. Hmm, wonder what my niece will be doing....
  10. I would love to be there but I'll be doing "family" stuff on a holiday weekend...
  11. WOW Mitch! The balls some dumb asses have!!!
  12. GREAT! I hope you get the trailer back too...
  13. HOLY SHIT! WOW! DAMN! :( :n: They should be :shoot
  14. Okay, this is getting out of hand, lol. UNCLE! WHITE FLAG!
  15. Oh and yeah, I talked to her this morning about it and I think she's cool with bringing the whole gang down. She said "Am I going to be able to ride?" Uhhh....
  16. I'll be doing family things on a holiday weekend! So, that sucks! BOOOOO HOOOO... Ahh shit, now I sound kinda like Golfer....
  17. Most of ya'all know this but, Jodi and I will be there! WOOO HOOO!!!
  18. Sweet! I'll put in for the time off from work. Can't do that until March 29. Then I have to wait a week to find out if I got it. Stupid system for vacation requests, HATE IT!!!
  19. For those who asked, I talked to the orginal owner of my Vision and the mufflers are Ness Big Honkers. And he gave me this cool picture of it...
  20. Okay, now I understand. BTW, I bought Rotella today for $16 and (Are you sitting down?) I got the ST7317 for $2.84! FOUR CENTS CHEAPER! The price went down! WOW!
  21. FOUR MORE DAYS AND A WAKE UP! FUCK YEAH! (not counting today)
  22. Cool! You know what would be really nice? I'll tell ya: If we don't have to ride most of the way home, in the rain, with bald tires. Just saying.
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