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  1. Traded my 2009 Vision in on a 2019 Indian Roadmaster. After 500 miles on the Indian. THE INDIAN ROADMASTER The Indian trans is better The ride command is awesome !!! The Indian is a better looking bike then the Vision but not the Cross Country The Indian handles better in slow maneuvers For a touring bike it feels really lite, The Vision would get heavy in stop and go traffic when riding two up and loaded with gear The Indian just feels better handling at intersections Im 6'1" I feel crunched up on the indian> seems like its built for a shorter ride
  2. Any northeast/ mid Atlantic VMC members going to laconia 2019?
  3. Arnold and Matt, thanks for a great leg , just a little wet.. :tu :tu
  4. I'm planning on staying at the Hampton Inn in Chickopee again this year. Do you all know what the motel will be in Stroudsburg?? Might not want to wait to long to decide, It will be July 3rd.
  5. This great January and were talking about the relay :y: Come on June and July :chpr
  6. I think, having a fixed date with different locations is a good idea. That said, if you can plan a event 2 years out (maybe 1 and a 1/2 years ?), moving the date around a little bit isn't a big deal. Just my 2 cents
  7. Great ride ( except the gravel trail) with some great Victory riders. Papa Boos> great place :)
  8. Really enjoyed the Flight 93 memorial Thanks Brian, Chris and George for a safe ride out of Annapolis in a down pour. Its a beautiful sight 25 Victory's going down the road
  9. Road some great roads never knew existed in Penns-a-tuckey
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