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  1. Really looking forward to this event. We'll be moving to this area in 5 months and plan to attend!
  2. Gene, do you know the route you'll be taking? I'd like to try and meet up with you after you cross into NJ.
  3. I hope to do part or all of Legs 1 and 2!
  4. Just a friendly suggestion, in the future it's probably not a great idea to run the V2V to anywhere on the Jersey shore on or about July 4th. It's a madhouse and the traffic can be horrific. As you found, hotels at any price are hard to find. :chpr
  5. Great Lakes would be, well, GREAT! :chpr
  6. It was a pleasure sharing a small portion of the ride with some Viictory friends. Mike you did a nice job, thanks for leading. Hope you all enjoyed the day.
  7. By any chance would you consider a stop at Ridersville Cycle in Berkely Springs, WV? Or Antietam Battlefield?
  8. Great pics Chris! Thanks, it was we enjoyed riding with you.
  9. PS, I haven't tested the full route of Leg 2 but hope to do so well before the V2V so maps and/or GPS instructions can be provided.
  10. Smitty, thanks for stepping up. I'll be in touch, and can't wait to see your blue/silver TC. It appears that we may be extending the ride to DOVER, DE. There is likely to be a better choice of Victory dealers (L&D), hotels, restaurants and a CASINO!
  11. If anyone is interested in being a co-captain on Leg 2, let me know.
  12. Let's try to avoid the slab on this one. We'll get you through northwest NJ avoiding divided highways.
  13. It was great seeing everyone from Leg 1 at the Tuesday night dinner. Joan & I had a fantastic time!
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