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  1. There are smooth edged ones to be had at several different places, including Victory. I like the ones that aren't smooth......specifically I like the top pic, bottom row, left cover.
  2. How about a round one with the hypnotix pattern (dimples) going around it (all the way around), not drilled all the way through but dimples?
  3. Those look awesome, can't wait to get a set.
  4. Epoxy-me Key Shrunken Key Skulls Shrunken Headz Disappearing Key Shrunken Heads Disappearing Key
  5. What would be the price for a Barnett Clutch cable? Don't need it till you need it kinda purchase. Thanx!
  6. My thoughts are with you and your Dad. I can't imagine the heart ache and concern you are having for your Dad. I know that as time passes by I will be put into a similar place in life with my Dad, that realization only makes me remember how short life is, that bond will be very tough for me to release. I wish you both the best and hope you get to spend many more years with your Dad.
  7. This is good to see, to late for me but sure to be a big hit, way to go. :tu :appl :appl :appl :appl
  8. Man....I would almost have to take a small paint brush and paint a red line around each eye and give them a pissed look.
  9. I know most the stuff that Jon sells is his own but he does sell stuff from different companies as well. SMT, Talliaman, kevinx, mastiff, Conquest Customs....I'm sure there are many others but I'm drawing a blank currently.
  10. Extremely Jealous!!! Bunch of fickers, one and all. Keep the pics coming, really rub it in.....Thanx.
  11. :blnk If there was ever any question, camera phones suck!!!
  12. How much for these??? I'll swap you a set that isn't contrast cut for a set that is.....
  13. It sux to hear of this problem occuring on their scheduled ride out to Billings, but what a testament to the RRDB. :chpr The RRDB is better than AAA and only costs $15, plus you get to pick and grin with some poor slubs (fine folks) on this site. :tu
  14. Those poor Vegas riders have gotten left out....temporarily I'm sure. Those look great Jon, since you are the first to bring anything of this nature to market, I hope you sell so many that you have to hire more help just to fill the orders. :tu
  15. June 4th thru the 7th, here is the registration page.... http://www.victoryrally.com/dnn/ :chpr
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