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  1. VMC National Rally in Murfreesboro, TN beginning on August 08/20/2015 and ending on 08/23/2015 More info to follow! Host Chapter NashVegas Victory Riders
  2. You better register now to get the reduced rate for the National! Price goes up soon!!!! I will see you all there! Chuck
  4. Webpage is almost done just being tested and checked!
  5. The National Meet Committee and the Events Committee has added 30 more rooms for the 2015 National Meet! We hope that this will provide more VMC Members the opportunity to attend the 2015 National Meet.
  6. Yeah couldn't get a good connection in the states!
  7. Booked room tonight from Spain, had no problems went right through.
  8. Just to up date everyone here, I have almost finalized the contract with the Hotel and info should be available soon. Wi-Fi will be included with the cost as well as a Breakfast and the Hospitality hour. This is only part of what the hotel will provide to insure a Great event in Tennessee. The EC and the P&P committees have started working on up grading the Events policy and procedures for future VMC Events. This process will take time to ensure that the process is easy for people to use and is a fare process for all involved. The VMC's growth has dictated that all polices and procedure be formulated to benefit the VMC Members. For those that have no knowledge of how or what goes on to get proposals for the National Event I have worked on the past 5 National Events as Events Chairman. Each time there was only one proposal submitted to host the National. In the past I have had to beat the bushes and contacted people to get them to submit proposals to Host the National. Not many groups have stepped up to submit proposals. For 2015 there were 2 proposals for the first time! Both proposal had there merits and they both have great efforts behind the proposal by the people that submitted them. But you can only have one National each year and a selection was made as to which group would host the 2015 National. Hopefully the EC will not have to beat the bushes again to get a group to host 2016. I am proud of the members of the Events Committee for the hard work that they provide to organize and over see all the VMC events. They spend many hours planning the AVR and V2V as well as developing a budget to support the many events that are held each year, with the limited funds that the VMC has available for events. Each year the Events committee is getting more and more request from group who what to host and event for our members to meet and enjoy their being a Victory owner, unfortunately there will never be enough funds to fully fund each event and it is getting hard for the EC to meet the needs of everyone that request funding support. The guidelines for Events Committee is that it's members must be un bias when reviewing all funding request that are submitted. Chuck Miller VMC Events Chairman
  9. We do not have a V2V Committee Chairman for the 2016 V2V. We need someone to step up to the plate and take the lead for this event or it will end. The V2V has been part of the VMC from the beginning! This is not an easy event to co-ordinte since it involve getting people to volunteer as leg captions for 14 legs to pass the baton from leg to leg. The Events Committee needs help to continue the tradition of support for our the V2V. If you are the person or persons that can meet this challenge contact me ASAP! Chuck Miller Events Chairman
  10. I'll be there the 9 and 10th. Going to Volusia and Demo truck in the AM on the 9th. Party time after that but I'll be in the cage, I want to demo some bike on the 9th!
  11. I will be there hopefully for the Victory ride.
  12. Just got home and unpacked from the National!! Thanks to the Adirondack Victory Riders and Jim Koshars' band of workers for a great National! Thanks to all the vendors for your donations to support the silent auction and being there to help Victory owners add bling and performance to our rides! I hope you enjoyed your time at the meet! I would also like to Thank Steve Menneto VP from Polaris for giving a wonderful speech and Q and A period for the VMC members Thank you Victory for you generous support to the Friday Night Chicken BBQ and Victory gifts and donations!! Chuck Miller (cskiwild) VMC Events Chairman Hope to meet more new and old VMC member and Friends at the 2015 National!
  13. I have been reading this thread and it's great to see all the people coming to the national and all the vendors is FANTASTICS :chpr I can't wait to meet everyone there in July!! :chpr
  14. Jon, You can contact Jim Koshar as well he's the Event Chairman and has made all the arrangements for the National. Chuck
  15. I am glad that your event was a great success and hope to provide support to you region again to the SC VMC members. Chuck Post some pictures if you can!
  16. Hello all! I have been reading this thread and a lot of good points have been made! The facts are this......As of January 1 there were no proposals for the Events committee to review for the National Meet! Not one group had anything on the table for review for 2014! I contacted several groups that were thinking about hosting the national and spoke to the people and tried to get something going. The NY LC stepped up and put a proposal together for 2014. There were 2 other groups interested in hosting the National and after talking to them they then planned to present a proposal for 2015. We will now have 2 or 3 proposals for 2015 and only one can get the OK. That should make it easy to plan for 2016 and 2017, and I bet that someone will complain about the dates that are selected for all of those. You can't please every ones! Our National is once a year in a different location! If you want to go then give up something else! I have been to 1 National, Sturgis 1 time, Daytona 6 times, SE Rally 0 times, Regional meets 3 and Laconia 44 time ( I live an hour away) I chose to do Sturgis and the AVR this year because that was my goal. I have now met that goal to attend all 3 major motorcycle events Laconia, Daytona and Sturgis in one year, and will most likely never go back to Sturgis. I couldn't hit This years National because of time and money! I made a choice! If any of you that have an issue with were and when the National is held then put a proposal together and submit it to the Events Committee. We welcome your efforts!
  17. I am Freezing this Thread and have pinned the Thread with the information for the 2014 National. Please make all your comment on that Thread! I'm looking forward to meeting you all at the National next July!! Chuck
  18. We will be working fast to get the Info on the web!
  19. I am excited to announce the location of the 2014 VMC National Meet! 2014 VMC NATIONAL MEET July 17-20, 2014 Catskill Mountains Hunter New York Hosted BY The Adirondack Victory Riders Northeast Region More information regarding the meet will fallow soon,spread the word!!!
  20. Hoping to have answer in next 2 weeks.
  21. Just to let everyone know there are 3 groups working on Hosting the 2014 National. There should be something soon. Both options are great locations and witch ever gets the ok to host 2014, it looks like the other will resubmit their proposal for 2015. I really like seeing this discussion about the VMC National meet and where it will be held. My hope is that this talk and interest makes people step up to host future VMC events and not just the National! As Ann has said here, the Events Committee and others are here to help any group with the planning of ALL VMC events.
  22. Did Sturgis and AVR this year!!! Great riding around Sturgis/Rapid city. Getting there nothing but Straight Super Slab from Massachusetts. Loved the AVR met some great people and had cold one with lots of VMC people. The AVR is a social event not a riding event!
  23. There are 2 groups working on proposals for the 2014 National Meet. Hope to make an announcement soon.
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