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  1. Dann and Rod and all those that participated in this years V2V. Thank you for your involvement!! I look forward to participating in next years V2V. :chpr
  2. We are doing Sturgis then the AVR. There will be 14 of us from the NE region.
  3. I can read the Flyer and down load the registration form.
  4. The Events Budget for All VMC Regional and National 2013 events is now set. Anyone interesting in hosting a Regional event please feel free to send a proposal to the Events Committee via email to cskiwild@yahoo.com. Also send a copy of your request to your Regional Reps. It is not the responsibility of the reps to approve your request but to be made aware of what is being planned in their region. If you are interested in hosting an event and have any question you my contact me for info and help at the email provided. ALL PROPOSAL MUST INCLUDE A BUDGET OUTLINE OF HOW THE REQUESTED FUNDS WILL BENEFIT VMC MEMBERS!
  5. The Events Committee would like to Thank everyone that made the 2012 VMC National a great success. Everyone involved THANK YOU!! Hope to ride with you next year at the AVR!!! Chuck Miller Chairman, VMC Events Committee :chpr
  6. Patti, I will miss you!!!!! You where great to work with and talk to. I hope our roads cross soon!
  7. The Events Committee has received a proposal for the 2013 VMC National Meet. The location will be announced at the conclusion of the 2012 Meet. :chpr
  8. I jumped the gun regarding the 2013 meet. The Event committee has received proposals prior to the June 1 Deadline. There for we will not need to extend the proposal date, if you are working on a proposal please submit it to the Events committee by June 1st.
  9. Nice to hear that or brothers from NYC/LI will be leading leg 13. I hope to be part leg 14 this year and meet with them!!!
  10. 2012 AVR: August 17th-18th I'll be there!!!
  11. 2012 VMC NATION MEET The Events Committee would like to announce that the Great Plains Victory Riders with the support of other South Central local chapters will host the 2012 VMC National Rally in Hot Springs Arkansas. The dates for next years National will be Labor Day weekend August 31, Sept 1,2 2012. More details will fallow as they are finalized.
  12. Frank, Sounds like you and everyone that worked with you Done Good! Give me a call when you have time and have rested up from the Meet!!! :tu :tu :tu :tu :chpr
  13. Regional Meets occur one time each year. Location and dates are determined by the host local chapter (or other group of VMC members) and shall be coordinated through the Regional Representatives. Regional Meets shall be a region wide event open to all members of the VMC and prospective members. Regional Meets shall be promoted through the appropriate Regional forum(s). In the event there is not a Regional Meet within a region, smaller Regional Events will be considered for funding by the Events Committee. Regional Events shall be events open to all members of the VMC and prospective members. Regional Events shall be promoted through the appropriate Regional forum(s) and shall not be promoted only through Local Chapter forums. Events focusing on specific Local Chapter(s) will not be considered for funding. Funding for these Regional Events will be on a first come first served basis. These events will receive funding only if it is determined and agreed upon by the Regional Representatives and Events Committee Chairman that there will not be a Regional Meet for that Region. Should a Regional Meet subsequently be planned, funding will only be available to the extent of unused funds remaining in that regions original budget. . Regional meet budgets shall be coordinated through and presented to the Events Committee Chairman by the Regional Representatives for that region. Individual members making requests for funds shall be directed to contact their Regional Representatives. After initial requests have been made and approved, the meet chairman may communicate directly with the Events Committee Chairman. This will ensure Regional Representative involvement in all Meet/Event planning and coordination. Thanks and we look forward to a great year of events.
  14. www.rochestersportscenter.com/ has some of the original Victory patches I think.
  15. Great to see you wil be at the 2011 VMC National Meet! I know you will get some folks that need your sevices! :chpr
  16. XC Bubba, Nice pictures! Please send me a copy of (Leg 1 Start.jpg) when you have a moment.
  17. To all that rode Leg 1 of the 2012 V2V, form Quincy, MA to Hyde Park, NY. What a great success for the start of the V2V, and on a weekday. I hope all the remaining legs are as successful as Leg 1. I look for ward to next year for a return to New England and I am already to work with the Leg Captain(s) for 2012! Please count me in to select the next destination for the end of the 2012 V2V. Thank You to those that organized Leg 1 of the 2011 V2V. A great success!!!!! Again thanks Ronnie and Dave at Higgins Powersports and Zack and Rita at Zack's V-Twin for their support of the V2V.
  18. Pool is history. I now have beautiful weeds!!! I see there is a SHELL gas station right down the street so everyone can be ready to roll. Wonder if Gas will be $5 a gallon? Can't Find "Lori Anne's Diner" but there is a "Egg and I" dinner at 853 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA. Must have changed owners. Can't wait to do this Ride!! Just started Cardio Rehab today and looks like I'll be ready to roll.
  19. I am planning on riding this leg of the V2V at least. I hope that there will be many more NE LC's riding this leg of the V2V. If you need any help, let me know.
  20. Hi everyone! We had a great time at the Meet this year and made lots of money for "Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation. We could not have done this without the support of the Great vendors that contributed to the Auction. Please let them know how you feel about the item (s) you got at the 2010 VMC Meet. Take a picture and show other VMC members what you item looks like and post it here!! Hope to see you all at 2011 in AZ!!!f
  21. Well there be rental bikes available??? Victory's that is. For those flying in.
  22. Trying to figure out the 6 day drive and hit all the relatives for free room and board!!! One in PA one in OHIO One in St Louis then No relatives!! Any VMC people in Oklahoma City and Albuquerque???? We will be pullin the Kingpin. 2662 miles Door to door. Dl1000 I could drive chase for you and help Fiona with the shopping stuff as well.........for a small fee!!!!!
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