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  1. Wish I could have been there, thank you all so much for all the hard work and putting on a fantastic event!
  2. This is going to be a great year for events!!!!!I am going to get a lot of miles in!!!!!!
  3. I agree!!! Great job everyone!!!!!!
  4. I do not see any reason why we shouldn't does anyone have an argument against this ide?
  5. okay, you have to be a registered member to "Create New Event" .
  6. I actually think that this would be in the events committee realm as they would have all the necessary info. Do we know how to get our info posted here?
  7. Motel has not been decided yet.
  8. I am registered !!! I may even be able to convince my wife to go!!!
  9. Dave , Chris, and all the Palmer Divide members, thank you all so much for all your efforts to take on and put on such a great event! I know that the results of your willingness to take on this challenge will and has made a difference in some ones life! Thank you all so much!!!!!!!
  10. Matt that is the Arthur Ravenel bridge over the copper river in Charleston harbor, you will be riding over it if you come down hwy 17 from the north. Boston copied us!
  11. The event information is on our home page, and has been since the day the event was posted on Facebook, yes the posting should have been complete with the finished art work included. The low Country Victory Riders have stepped up when we needed some one and they are making every effort to get this thing rolling, and make it a great event. The problem here is that the National meet procedures have not been followed and in some cases can not but this is not the fault of the hosting chapter, they are excited and happy to be producing this event. I will be in contact with the members here that do know the policy's and procedures that govern our events and having a discussion.
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