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  1. The event information is on our home page, and has been since the day the event was posted on Facebook, yes the posting should have been complete with the finished art work included. The low Country Victory Riders have stepped  up when we needed some one and they are making every effort to get this thing rolling, and make it a great event. The problem here is that the National meet procedures have not been followed and in some cases can not but this is not the fault of the hosting chapter, they are excited and happy to be producing this event. I will be in contact with the members here that do know the policy's and procedures that govern our events and having a discussion.

  2. First of all, Thank you Vohn for stepping up , also thank you Gene for getting the discussions going!
    This discussion is exactly the input that Vohn needs as he is new at this and needs all the input he can get as to make educated decisions.
    This is a GREAT VMC event  with lots of history and we need to work together to keep it going and to grow the participation.
    We need all the help we can get so please keep the ideas flowing and the offers to help coming in!!!!! 
    Thanks everyone!!!!

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