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  1. Here's one from the podium. Damn the file is to big!
  2. I have been to this dealership and it is a Great place and the staff was Awesome!!!
  3. Rob, congratulations on the new ride and thank you for your years of service to the club and it's members! You will always be part of this club bike or not! Thank You!!!!!!
  4. The Vision does it to, I have much experiences with this!
  5. I had a leak in mine and we used JBweld to fix it years ago and still no leak.
  6. Thanks Craig!!! Great work and it was a pleasure meeting you in NY!
  7. Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!!
  8. Made it home Sunday, 4600 miles.
  9. Other than to stand the bike up I have no clue!
  10. David, call Rylan Voss at the Vic Shop.
  11. You power washed your bike, on the front left side of the engine is the crankshaft positioning sensor, if you get water into that, which is very easy to do if it is not sealed up good ( Mine is not) the motor will do just what you are saying. take the connector apart and make sure to get it dry in there, I use a compressor to blow mine out. I even take the sensor out and make sure it is dry to. I can make my bike do that every time! and no two weeks is not enough time if there is no air movement to help dry it out. Give it a shot, won't cost you anything but a half hour.
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