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  1. Great idea to put the signup in eventzilla...... Well done! :appl -G
  2. I always thought it would be a great idea to have a 2 day meet at the start, middle and end of the V2V. Assuming an east coast start, the folks in the Northeast and Southeast parts of the US and Canada would coordinate legs that would put them at the designated meeting spot (let’s say Virginia) for a 2 day party. Then the event would move west as normal. When it got to the middle of the country, there would be another 2 day event for the folks coming from the North Central and South Central parts of the US and Canada. They too would coordinate legs that would put them at the designated spot at the right time. The same thing would happen on the west coast. There would be a lot of moving parts to pull this off, but it would get the whole country involved in the event. -G
  3. Daughter's 2010 kingpin has a bad battery. I never had to replace the battery in my 2007 Kingpin. So, no way to answer that one.
  4. Many here have modified the brackets to work with that combo.
  5. That depends on where you are. If you are in the hills, you may not want to use 6th and cruise. If you are on relatively flat land, go for it.
  6. This is what is needed. I put in spaces to you can seen the link. You will need to remove them. [ img = http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-hRV4mxANh9o/TNMBhvy7qjI/AAAAAAAAAVo/Sn01vMxgRDI/s640/2010-06-25%252019.37.32.jpg ]
  7. You MUST reflash to enable the XM radio the first time you install the XM module. If you replace the XM module, you have to reflash again. I just went through it this past fall. My new XM radio would intermittently flash a message that said "No Antenna". I had the dealer send me a replacement unit (module and antenna). On a side note, I was happy the dealer was willing to send the replacement unit because they are 3 hours from where I live. I replaced the XM Module/antenna and XM did not show up on the radio. I reinstalled the old unit and it was there so I made the 3 hour trip to the dealer. They reflash the unit and it has worked ever since (no more antenna messages.) John
  8. I am having my master cylinder powder coated black to match the frame. I need to remove the master cylinder inlet fitting from the master cylinder and it does not want to come out. Anyone got any ideas on getting this thing off? BTW: I think this is a master cylinder off of an 06 Vegas..... John
  9. toejam, You should put your bike info in your signature. I am sure most folks would want to know the year and model of the bike you are talking about so they can give you some advise. I know my Vision has done more popping since the air temp has dropped. John
  10. I got a new kickstand pad. Surprisingly, the pad does not come with the rivets and washers that are required to install them. I spoke to the parts guy where I purchased the pad and he said they bolt them on??? How do you all do attach your kickstand pad? If you bolt it on, what bolts to you use? Thanks John
  11. I am installing a Hoppy Power Converter with Isolation on my 08 Vision to run my trailer. I need a 12V source and would prefer not to run a wire all the way to the battery. Is there anyplace to pick up 12 volts under the seat? Maybe at the starter solenoid? Thanks in advance. John
  12. Michael, I disassembled the front end then took down the head light assembly so I could easily get to the head light wires. Some suggest that if you have small strong hands, you may be able to unplug the wires from the back of the headlight without taking the front end apart. The folks that are able to fit their hands back there say they pull the air filter to get a little more access. My hands were too large for that. I mounted the unit under the Windshield Access Panel near the fuse block then ran the wires so that they would not be pinched by the windshield slides as they go up and down. John
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