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  1. Great idea to put the signup in eventzilla...... Well done! :appl -G
  2. I always thought it would be a great idea to have a 2 day meet at the start, middle and end of the V2V. Assuming an east coast start, the folks in the Northeast and Southeast parts of the US and Canada would coordinate legs that would put them at the designated meeting spot (let’s say Virginia) for a 2 day party. Then the event would move west as normal. When it got to the middle of the country, there would be another 2 day event for the folks coming from the North Central and South Central parts of the US and Canada. They too would coordinate legs that would put them at the designated spot at the right time. The same thing would happen on the west coast. There would be a lot of moving parts to pull this off, but it would get the whole country involved in the event. -G
  3. I have never been to Arkansas and always wanted to go there. We am in!!! John
  4. Unrelated posts deleted. John
  5. We will be there late Wednesday evening. I am looking forward to seeing you all. John
  6. golfer... we will not have to watch you in the act of man on man love will we??? Last time you put on that show, I had to wash my eyes out with acid. JohnnyG
  7. I am planning on doing this.... but just so you know, I sleep with ass armor (a frying pan on my ass)... JohnnyG
  8. I found this: If you believe you are a U.S. citizen, you'll want a document to prove it. If you were born on U.S. soil and there is a record of your birth, a standard U.S. birth certificate issued by a state government is your primary proof of U.S. citizenship. (Birth certificates issued by hospitals are not official records and do not serve as proof of citizenship.) If you were naturalized in the United States, you will have a naturalization certificate. However, if your birth took place outside the territorial United States and you have a right to U.S. citizenship through your parents, you will not have either of these documents. () In this case, you will have to apply for either a U.S. passport or a certificate of citizenship.
  9. They are under new management and will be back on here soon. John
  10. We are in Bar Harbor and will leave from here tomorrow AM. I think we are taking 2 across to Gorham. I suspect we will come to the Town and Country first. Then I will head to the dealer.
  11. Will we need an appointment or can we drop in?
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