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  1. Great idea to put the signup in eventzilla...... Well done! :appl -G
  2. I always thought it would be a great idea to have a 2 day meet at the start, middle and end of the V2V. Assuming an east coast start, the folks in the Northeast and Southeast parts of the US and Canada would coordinate legs that would put them at the designated meeting spot (let’s say Virginia) for a 2 day party. Then the event would move west as normal. When it got to the middle of the country, there would be another 2 day event for the folks coming from the North Central and South Central parts of the US and Canada. They too would coordinate legs that would put them at the designated spot at the right time. The same thing would happen on the west coast. There would be a lot of moving parts to pull this off, but it would get the whole country involved in the event. -G
  3. If we are going to let the elections stand, I will get with Kingsly and start making the changes. The first step is to give the new BOD members access to the BOD areas of the site. -G
  4. What is the plan? I think we let it stand... like every election in our history. -g
  5. Associate members that are 18+ years old can vote in some instances. Oddly, we do not have an age requirement for full members??? At this time, we do not track age. I can think of a couple of options to "fix" this as it relates to voting. Option 1 1. Make DOB a required field for associate members. They would have to enter their DOB when they signup or if the field is empty, when they renew. 2. Make a report in the membership roster showing the different kinds of membership 3. I suspect that the number of associate members is fairly low. We could split up the list and call each member to get their DOB. Option 2 Eliminate the associate members ability to vote. Option 3 Eliminate the associate member age requirement for voting. Option4 (my favorite) Make all associate members enter their DOB when they vote. We could record the date in the membership record so that we do not have to ask twice. From our bylaws. 1.03 Associate: Any family member(s) of a documented full member, dedicated to the purposes of this organization, shall be eligible for an "Associate Membership". Associate members aged 18+ have all voting privileges except the right to vote to amend either the Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation of this Corporation, and the right to vote to terminate the membership of a member. Associate members pay reduced dues. Associate members may not hold VMC Club leadership positions. (This class of membership is specifically designed for family members of documented Full Members.) -G
  6. Let's assume we get direction to move forward. Is it our plan to actually do the rewrite? Would we invite others to join the group at that point?
  7. Discussion Required? Not sure. But every live meeting that followed Roberts Rules did it the same.
  8. Another update. We changed Full Members to Voting Members. It includes all classes of membership that votes except associate.
  9. This system can send a PM and/or an email. And when you send a PM, the system sends a email notification with the PM text in it. I don't believe that this system honors the opt-out selection in the control panel, if it does, we can change that. I think all we can do is what would be considered reasonable to do. That being said, I am open to anything you want to do. This is just a step that needed to be taken. John
  10. The "Broadcast a Message" capability has been updated to include a Full Members selection and is now available to the Officers. I will likely change that selection to Voting Members which will include Full and Charter members.
  11. Good points Burl. This brings to mind another page that would be needed. We will need an offer accessible announcement content page. This would be the page that the member see's when they login. Come to think of it, it could also be used for things other than meeting.... I would need you to define track and record, but I am sure we can do that as well. -G
  12. Instead of counting votes or logins, We can create a page that comes up when ever a member logs in. I am picturing the process to look something like this. Please note that this is broad and missing a lot of detail. Special Meeting called by the President Emails and PM's sent to all members. The email/PM lets them know the dates for the meeting and outlines the proposed bylaws changes. LC's are instructed to print out and discuss the meeting announcement. They are instructed to tell their members to individually login to the website. (Maybe a computer is brought to the meeting.) Members login to the forum and are presented with a page that gives them details about the meeting. They would have to click a check box to verify that they agree that they are "present at the meeting." When they click Agree, they are brought to the discussion where they will be able to comment. Once the meeting is started, everyone would see the new meeting page the first time they visit the site. The system would log their visit. The same process would be followed for the vote meeting. Thoughts or suggestions? -G
  13. I don't necessarily think I need to respond... but I will. The letter is good. Send it!
  14. Burl, If Clubhouse is the forum it's self, we can easily do this. If you are suggesting that we have 3 layers (as you show it) then that will take a pretty significant overhaul of the system. John
  15. The numbers are in. I ran the report from 09/01 to 11/15.
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