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  1. Jon, Can we have a after Xmas sale for the losers like me that missed the end of the 12 days of Xmas ? lol
  2. I wanted to thank Dragon Bob and anyone else that that there hand in our police escort that we had in Boise Idaho. For those that don't know we had a police escort from our hotel in Boise to the outside of town . Complete celebrity status! Not stop route,Cars were pulling over running red lights! the whole nine yards! It was pretty KOOL! Thanks again Bob!!!!!!!!!
  3. Kevin I hope that your kidding because that's uncalled for!
  4. So Mike two people have posted that there is NO riding near The AVR...Craig stated" STRAIGHT ROADS, CORN AND HOGS!" and Chuck stated "The AVR is a social event not a riding event" both having been there I would have to believe them! Is that what you want a 1000 people to ride too? So far I've been to Prescott and Lewiston both chapters had provided us with great rides! Personally I like that they are two separate events! Blister
  5. On behalf of the Southern San Joaquin Victory Rider's we want to thank you for the outstanding job you guys did putting this together!! from start to finish I feel everything went well and I love hearing that there were no accidents!! We brought 10 member's and I know that everyone had a great time! I personally liked the police/CC demo and the rodeo. It was also great to put faces with the names here on the site. Thanx Again Blister
  6. My reservations have been made! and I am looking forward to some great riding. I want to get more people in our chapter in on this event, what are the goings on at this event? besides the beautiful riding, gambling and B.S.ing lol that I can use to influence them. Darren
  7. I was curious how many bikes and riders show up for this event?
  8. This might be impossible but it would be cool if The VMC'ers could get together somewhere in or around Sturgis! Darren
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