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  1. when you get it running spray the boot with carb cleaner, if its bad it will surge
  2. Check your throttle boot for air leaks.
  3. Its the water evatorating from the heat.
  4. I use the Shoei Neotech and have the sena installed, great helmet.
  5. I should be there around 2pm, 973-214-3951 on Thursday.
  6. I saw the video, he mentions that most of his problem were because of the dent in the tank.
  7. Put your name on the list at Hunter in case there is a cancellation.
  8. i had a similar noise once, the exhaust bracket broke. Look for any kind of movement.
  9. on hot summer days my 07 kingpin can reach 250 degrees, never so much as a hickup.
  10. Really a nice time, thanks to all!
  11. Check the exhaust bracket, cracked mine a few years back and thought the same thing you did.
  12. Yeah I thought the same thing replaced it and it was the same. No doubt in my mind it was the air box. It was too loud from day one.
  13. The first set of numbers on the Dyno are from the initial install of the S&S with the RPW pipe and the second set are from last week with the Torque Tubes and new muffler installed all done by LLoydz in Pinebush.
  14. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. 07 Kingpin Some years ago I put a RPW Big Deal 2into1 exhaust with the S&S airbox, VFC3, all done by LLoydz. Fantastic combination but it was too loud! Earplugs made things tolerable, but i hated the total isolation. Funny thing is my wife never complained and everyone loved the sound of the pipes. As luck would have it I dumped the bike last year and scraped up the muffler. This year I ordered a new muffler from RPW had them make it 4" longer, asked Lloyd about putting new cams in for a little bit more grunt on the bottom end. We spoke about how loud my pipes were and he said it might not be the pipes! Might be the S&S airbox (WTF), cant go into details even though he spoke english to me it could have been any language really had no idea what he was talking about. He suggested I go with the Torque Tubes for overall increase instead of cams. Picked up the bike yesterday and yes really nice increase in power but best of all its not as loud, still has that great sound i always remembered but not obnoxious. The boominess in driver seat is gone. So if you have the S&S airbox and your pipes are too loud for you, maybe its not the pipes! Lesson learned! See Attached DYNO Blue line is RPW with S&S Red LIne is RPW with Lloydz Torque tubes
  15. Spray some carb cleaner or something like it around the rubber boot at throttle bodies, you could have a cracked boot.
  16. Please explain, pictures would be helpful or a video...You can PM me !!!!!!!
  17. I would imagin in the 22 century gears would be gone... as for now either would be fine , my bike likes 3000.
  18. Are you happy to see me or is that a Witchdoctor Key in your pocket...
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