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  1. I have no idea what the hell happened here?!?
  2. <span data-offset-key="8tarj-0-0">Two weeks until the best damn rally in the state of TN!</span> <span data-offset-key="fsovv-0-0"> </span> <span data-offset-key="6tuig-0-0">Looking forward to seeing everyone and safe travels.</span>
  3. You can add the North Carolina VMC Gathering Maggie Valley, NC Sept. 21-23 to your master list.
  4. May 18-20 hosted by Blues City Victory Riders in Memphis, TN Hotel, dinner registration, and t-shirt orders are officially CLOSED. Final t-shirt pre-purchase orders are being sent to the printer. Extras will not be available during the event. If you didn't prepay, NO T-SHIRT. ** Pick-up Only ** Thanks to the 59 folks that have registered and we'll see you soon! Ride safe and we'll leave the light on for you.
  5. TN Victory Rally May 18-20 As of last night, we have 54 registered, 43 t-shirt pre-orders, and 5 rooms remaining with the rally discount. Last day for hotel and t-shirt pre-orders is midnight tomorrow. Contact Plantation Oaks in Millington, TN and ask for the TN Victory Rally rate. After tomorrow, all unbooked rooms will be released to the general public and regular rates will apply. For t-shirts, paypal bluescityvr@gmail.com $15 per shirt and include sizes. Dinner Friday evening will be hosted by Indian of Memphis. BigD Custom Motorcycle Racks will be on hand for Vision/XC rack installs. We will have all 4 TN chapters represented along with folks as far away as Minnesota attending our event this year. It's always a good time on a Victory...so, don't delay...time is running out.
  6. Is this what you need? https://www.facebook.com/groups/bluescityvr/ Blues City Victory Riders forum here on thevmc
  7. Also, just another question unrelated to Events, but, will we eventually have our chapter forums linked to FB again? Thanks for all the hardwork!
  8. Will local chapters have the ability to add our local events at some point? Thanks.
  9. 7 rooms remaining at the host hotel for this year’s TN Victory Rally. Deadline for hotel and t-shirts is just 1 week away, April 18. Contact Plantation Oaks in Millington and ask for the TN Victory Rally rate. PayPal $15 per shirt to bluescityvr@gmail.com and include sizes. Prepurchase only! Also, send us an email, same as above, to let us know if you plan to attend dinner Friday night hosted by Indian of Memphis. BigD Custom Motorcycle Racks will be on-hand at the TN Victory Rally this year if you're wanting to add some extra storage to your XC or Vision for those long-hauls.
  10. Deadline for registration is quickly approaching for this year's TN Victory Rally hosted by the Blues City Chapter, May 18-20. A few rooms are still available until midnight April 18th at the host hotel. T-shirts are pre-order only and will be available for pick-up at the rally...need payment by April 18th so we can send final numbers to the printer. If attending and don't want a t-shirt, please email us anyway if you plan to attend dinner hosted by Indian of Memphis Friday, May 18th so we can have an accurate count and enough food for everyone. See full announcement for details in the Blues City Victory Riders forum also.
  11. Hotel and registration deadline is quickly approaching, April 18 for those still on the fence. TN Victory Rally May 18-20 Highlights: 1. Ride Friday down Crowley's Ridge 2. Dinner Friday sponsored by Indian of Memphis 3. 5-State ride on Saturday Blind raffle and 50-50. No registration fee (simply email us of your plans to attend and if you'll be at dinner on Friday), pre-purchase rally t-shirts only (paypal $15/shirt and include number and sizes). Email for registration & paypal is bluescityvr@gmail.com DEADLINE for hotel and t-shirts is April 18! See you in May!
  12. Hotel and registration info all closes in about a month, April 18.
  13. Addendum: BigD Custom Motorcycle Racks will be on hand to install hitches/racks for your XC or Vision.
  14. FYI...the date has been set for the 2018 TN Victory Rally. We adjusted our usual July weekend to accommodate the VMC National Rally, since several from the other chapters are planning on going. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but mark your calendars for May 18-20. This will be the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. What we do know...planned ride on Friday down Crowley’s Ridge for those that want to arrive on Thursday, dinner Friday night @ Indian of Memphis (thanks Frank Barton), and a 5 state ride on Saturday. More info forthcoming...
  15. 8th Annual TN Victory rally hosted in Memphis July 20-22...oh wait, the National Rally took our weekend that we’ve used every year prior. Smart thinking Events Committee. Rescheduled May 18-20
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