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  1. The wife and I are all registered. I second Fergie's comment, excellent job with a comprehensive registration link. A bunch of us from the Adirondack Victory Riders chapter are excited to head down from NY in August, led by the fearless CaptainCupcake!
  2. Matt, There will be several Adirondack Victory Riders around starting Wednesday afternoon, so I'm sure we can help if you get there tomorrow. Darryl
  3. Someone please enlighten me as to when the PERFECT dates are for a National Meet. It should be easy, right? Just pick a date, but keep in mind: * Don't conflict with AVR * Don't conflict with Sturgis * Don't conflict with V2V * Don't conflict with Southeast Rally, Tennessee Rally, Meet in the Middle, Little Sturgis, Etc., etc., etc............. * Don't conflict with major holidays (i.e. 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.) * Oh, and Mid-Summer is too hot for some to come from the South * But Spring and Fall are too cold for some to travel from the North * Some want September, while for many with kids, school is in session by this point I'm sure everyone has THEIR perfect date in mind. Then, by all means, put the work in, develop a proposal, and hold it on YOUR perfect date. If I can make it, I'll be there. And if I can't, I will certainly not complain to the world from behind my keyboard about how the date sucks.........
  4. That just makes it extra special when you can see the direct results of your fundraising efforts. Congratulations to all involved!
  5. Interesting reading the comments on the VMC National Meet Facebook page. One thing that was dissapointing to read were a couple comments that the the Eastern VMC chapters are somehow "unhospitable" or that us in the East whine about another National event in the West. That seems a bit uncalled for. From what I can see from the map above, of the 11 National meets, 5 have been in the middle of the country, 3 in the West, and 3 in the East. Seems like a pretty even spread across the country to me. And I've NEVER heard another VMC member here in the East EVER complain about the meets in the midwest to Western part of the country. To the contrary, several people from the East make the trek to those events, and many others, including myself, can't wait to travel out West to attend some of these events WHEN we can find the the time to take off. I look forward to when I'm retired and have the time to travel to parts of the country I haven't seen and meeting our western members at some events out there. Further, rumor has it that not one, but TWO proposals are being worked on by East Coast chapters for the 2014 National Meet. Doesn't sound very "Inhospitable" to me. If there is some "East coast/West coast" conflict I must be oblivious to it. Hell, I thought we were one big happy family! :tu
  6. Will, first off, glad to hear things are getting better for you on the homefront. Now, I have two questions for you: First, will you be making more talons for the 92" bikes? They've always been on my wish list...... Second, can you find me forward controls that would match the black silencer assassin grips and matching black malice levers I bought from you last year? I also got the matching silencer pegs from you, but would like to upgrade to a set of forward controls with matched foot pegs and shifter/brake pegs.
  7. Looks right to me. Here's a pic of a Tomohawk chopper bar on my Vegas. To be honest, there's only one way for it to go, considering how the bolt holes line up. I know it looks too far back, but before I switched to a Corbin gunfighter seat, I had a passenger seat like yours, and my wife liked how the backrest allowed her to "recline" a bit, rather than being too upright.
  8. In the words of the eloquent Jim Carrey............"So you're saying there's a chance!" Thanks, Jon. If the time comes, I'll be the first in line. :y:
  9. Jon, I think I asked you this before, but is there a chance you will have these style shifter and brake levers for the older bikes (like my '04 Vegas)?
  10. Holy $h!t, Will, I LOVE 'em! Are you doing this to me on purpose? How am I supposed ignore this when I just bought the black assassin grips, pegs and matching Malice controls from you??? I guess I have no choice but to ask for a 2" ext. black linkage............ :dno Oh, and I'm with you. I'm digging the larger, single row of holes (less is more).
  11. Jon, They look great, but I have an '04 Vegas, and it seems I'm limited regarding aftermarket clutch/brake pegs for my stock arms. We need someone to make aftermarket arms that will accept custom pegs.
  12. I can attest to the black Malice controls with the contrast cut. I just received my set from Will, and they look badass! I will post pics, but it might be awhile, as my bike is being undergoing some "updates" after an accident. I can't wait for one of those new black linkages, too, Will........ :y:
  13. I don't want to dwell on the whole "guest" vs. "member" thing again, but........ DAMN! I think I just got my $8 worth of information just reading this thread alone! :y:
  14. Just talked to Rylan, and he confirmed exactly what Scott said. So I just need to machine out the holes on my existing pulley to accomodate the larger pulley studs that the newer wheels use. That, or get a custom 64-tooth pulley from Conquest with the larger diameter holes. Oh, if only money was no object........ Thanks to Rylan and Scott at Conquest! This is why this club is invaluable. :y:
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