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  1. How do we find our VMC Number to put it in the registration form?
  2. I think I am going 95 to 76 to 81 then down to 40. I think that will be the fastest way. I have been looking into the airport shuttle for my wife. If I am on time I will pick her up. I think she gets in around 3:00pm on Wednesday I will need to check.
  3. I am flying my wife into Nashville and Iron butting down and back. See you Wednesday sometime. I hope it's not to hot!!! :)
  4. We are thinking of flying in. Is there any motorcycle rental locations around Nashville airport? I did the ride last year for the Indian meetings in Nashville but it was a 17 hour ride and over 1100 hundred miles each way. I was at Sloan's (great people by the way) last year but I don't remember seeing any rental area. mBAHYtwTOnY
  5. WOW Riding season is here!!!! I talked to Craig last week. This rally is really coming together. :ir
  6. Golfer I have meet you before and understand your tone. Thats not a problem with me. We can laugh about all of this and rase our glasses if you go on the last weekend in May. I have also had a "SMALL" roll in planning a national rally and know how hard planning around hotel openings and schedules can be. We are lucky we have someone stepping up to the plate. By the way. You know people like you when you and your wife get special parking. lol :appl
  7. I can see both points but Golfer you are way out of line. 1st I have been riding down to the SE rally the past couple years and we have made a lot of great friendships. I like the fact that I can plan that trip years in advance and we are booked again next year. One of the problems I see is how many times do you ride the dragon or take pic's at the bridle veil. If it wasn't for the people we have meet I would have changed plans. But I also like the ability to travel and ride in different locations. We where lucky enough to meet Donna and the sin city riders on our way to the national rally in AZ. I would never had planned a trip to LV and AZ if I did not have the national rally as a set destination. Our LC has hosted a national rally. You would not believe the amount of hard work and long hours that goes into it. So when someone step's up and VOLUNTARIES to do it. I tip my hat to them and say thank you. Let me know that date and if I can go I will. If I can't I hope to see you at next years. But my vote is for options. I like the change. :chpr
  8. Thats to bad. I understand. It's almost as far as Helen is to me. :dno Maybe ill pass you on the way. :chpr You should try and get up here someday. They really picked a nice spot.
  9. I talked to MOM's about rentals. I will be posting more info on this but they said if we have a group they will do a discount. Don't book it throw the web site. They have 3 pickup locations. The main one is there store in Foxboro Ma. but that is about a 1 hour ride from TF green airport in Warwick RI and Boston Logan airport. They have a location in Revere close to Logan airport. They will workout pickup there or pay for your cab. and they have a location in Manchester NH not far from the Manchester airport. They are all about a 4 hour ride to the rally but it is a option for people to far away to ride. I will post more info tomorrow. I forgot the info at home today. :doh They also said they will transfer Victorys to the location we are renting from.
  10. :ir :ir :ir Nice!!!! :ir :ir :ir :dp
  11. great job finding this location Gordie! This is going to be a blast!!! :tu
  12. "Dirty Dancing" tell me more lol :lh
  13. another good stop is orange county choppers. They have a gift shop with all the bikes from the show and they opened a restraint too. A good stop on your way to the rally point would be to Lloydz and OCC.
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