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  1. Ely train yard, and looking for. Dirt the famous cat. For 800 bucks they'll let you run the steam engine!
  2. until

    I'm in staying at the campground cabins on the river headed up on the 16th, 500 mile days🏍 luv Lewiston.
  3. I guess I'm on my own to Ely, Tyrants bike bite the dust she's ok, see ya in Ely
  4. Yep, just booked my cabin in Hells Gate. Anyone else going SinCity Vic Riders ?
  5. Looking forward to 19 V2V. See ya all in Craig Co. Kizmet
  6. Staying with daughter in Prune dale about 100 miles from Frisco but plan on staying for festivals and baton pass ?
  7. Rolling with you out of Craig Co. Sin City Group will see ya there.
  8. Any camping close by, prefer this to expensive motel rooms?
  9. Thanks You guys out there with your ears on?
  10. One simple question are all the 106 motors the same? Will the fit any frame steel tube or alloy? They look the same, looking to replace 11XR motor and I found one out of a judge. Thanks Kizmet
  11. Well I'm registered are thought I was riding 3 legs from Carson City to Craige Co,? Kizmet ( Sin City Victory Riders)
  12. Yep love all this controversy, see you and Rose in Reno at Circus Circus (maybe I should of stood up for LC?) Kizmet
  13. Reno? ok well I will see ya at the Circus Circus Reno its just a little further, Collin Rooker LC here my email temzik38@hughes.net for any updates don't want to get left out. Kizmet Sin City Vic Rider
  14. From Kizmet yep more info when ya get it, coming up with Sin City Riders the day of the ride (6/21) from Las Vages to meet in Carson City. Thanks Kiz ( This will be my first going to Craige Co.)
  15. I hate to tell ya this but the ECM's are bike specific being yours is missing I would sugest you buy one from Vic and have the locale shop program it. They don't come programed. Lloyd's reprogram only works for your ECM, you send it in and he sends the same one back. Trust me on this. Kizmet
  16. Ya you can drive yourself nuts trying to ajust belt, main thing is wheel alignment, note if the belt gets dirty (I live on a dirt road) it will chirp and drive you nuts! clean the belt every time ya warsh the bike a good scrub brush works good. Note most bikes with belt drive have this issue. Kizmet
  17. Did the ride last year nice! Plan on this year too. Stay in Springerville then do the loop lots of curves, great people put it on and the only cost is Your room and food! There isn't any crowds which helps make it a great run! Kizmet
  18. Got my room booked at the Lion and working on my kid and best friend to come along. Loved Prescott can't wait for the great riding Idaho has to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. No Bbob but thought about it. I am contriversal though I puy bias ply Michlin commander 2 on it handles fine good enough for harley good for CC. Oh and the bike runs fine with new ECM. Planning trip to VRA leave Monday wish me luck. I have list of rider rescue for states I'm travling through. Kizmet
  20. Well talked to Rylan seems the programer is havin trouble with the new EMC ( extended red line ) on the newer bikes going in monday new EMC in bike and shop will flash new stock program in and hope for the best. The saga continues. ( can't leave well enough alone ) Kizmet
  21. Old Ecm was found and is now in CC bike runs but have not taken it for a putt yet. Engine light is on (MIL) and shows fault 0-5-1213. Manual says MIL light to ground? I don't think this has anything to do with engine operation? I do have the O2s disconected but doubt thats it any comments would be appreciated. Going for a ride. Kizmet
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