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  1. Thanks, it does not show one listed so I guess I don't need it with Barnett set up.
  2. I have a 2003 Victory Touring Cruiser and when I changed Clutch friction plates with Barnett it did not come with the special outer friction plate. Does anyone have a part Number for this? Does it need it with barnett?
  3. I thought my steering bearings might be going bad because of a steering wobble at 18 - 25 mph and it turned out to be a bad rear tire that only had a few thousand miles on it.
  4. You might want to look on ebay. Their was a motor at a place in Massillon Ohio for $1700 last week from an 03 TC as well as other motors. I'm not a mechanic so I don't know if this is a viable option or if it would mount on your frame. http://www.ebay.com/itm/03-Victory-V92-Touring-Deluxe-ENGINE-MOTOR-VIDEOS-/190572318253?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2c5efece2d&vxp=mtr#ht_4785wt_954
  5. I have read other post that Vic's don't like the rain and others posted to be sure to use dielectric grease on your bulbs and other connections. Some silicone on the plug wires might help too.
  6. It might not be covered by your insurance. I have heard of instances where vehicles hit by household members are not covered. If it is covered, I cannot imagine an increase in rates that would be that much for the next 4 years.I don't think they are not supposed to affect rates for more than that. Also, I guess you should be thankful you were not on it at the time of the "accident".
  7. Thanks Kevin, you were right. I had installed an OD pulley over the winter and had torqued it to 150 lbs. with red locktite. It did not show any sign of having moved in the 4k miles and I don't understand how it could have gotten loose but I did what you said and it worked. Thanks again.
  8. I have an 03 TC with a stage one with about 32K miles. When I'm going at about 2000 to 2500 rpm at around 25 to 35 mph I here a noise that sounds like a tarp flapping in the wind, intermittently. As soon as I pull in the clutch it stops. I cannot tell where the sound is coming from.
  9. I have been having a similiar problem, I looked at my relays and noticed they all are the same. So I switched positions and could hear my fuel pump kick in. So, if you want to check the relays switch them around and listen to see if your fuel pump makes that noise when turned to the on position. Thanks to everyone for there input.
  10. Thanks, I saw those bubbles and had never noticed them before. I will follow your advise and hopefully figure out why the fuel pump is not doing it's cycle before I try try to start it.
  11. Last Sunday 6/20/10, my clutch cable broke. Replaced it yesterday and the check engine message come on and it didn't start. I flicked the key off and on and flipped the kill switch a couple of times and it makes the normal sound when I turn the ignition switch and starts. So I take off and when I stopped for gas I checked the oil and saw bubbles on the dipstick. Then I had to go through the whole process all over again to start it. Ran great after that so today I decided to change the oil and I removed the Neg. Battery cable for over 5 minutes then reinstalled, turned the ignition switch on, slowly turned the throttle full and let it snap back, turned the key off then on, and the Check engine message comes on again. So I flip the kill switch a few times, then the key a couple times and it starts. I check the oil and see more bubbles. The check engine light goes off before I try to start it and does not come on when it is running.The "old oil" was clean looking but kind of runny. If the oil pump failed would the oil light come on or the check engine message? Could I have knocked something loose when I lifted the tank to change the clutch cable? 2003 TC Stage 1 with 29k.
  12. It's too late for me this time but I was noticing on the Elite 3 they make a tire for rear mount the same size as my front tire, only with a lot more tread. Would it be safe to use?
  13. As an electrician I always look at the obvious first, Kill Switch? Fuses, loose battery connection, you get the idea.
  14. My clutch cable broke at the lever and when I took it apart I used a moto tool to grind it down smooth. Replaced it with the Barnett HE which lasted about 2 months. Inspecting the cable, it fell apart where the cable attaches to the end fitting. I ordered some of the napa parts with the set screw reversed the cable and put the set screw on the bottom. I keep spares and a pair of 440 channel locks. I am going to look for a new piece of cable to carry on the bike next.
  15. Now you should understand why Victory has such a big deprecation and almost no aftermarket products available. Great bike, might be obsolete in 2 years then the parts supply dries up.
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