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  1. I am in the camp that would probably err on the side of caution and reschedule this for a later date. I know there has been a ton of work but to proceed in spite of a state recommendation seems unwise to me. Just my .02 and for the record we are not registered to go and our decision to not attend was directly related to what’s going on with this virus..
  2. You're take is lopsided Gene. Nobody is attacking the entire club. We were just very disappointed and insulted with the way our proposal was received and treated by the Events Committee. Go ahead and post whatever e-mail you have it;s all water under the bridge now. My main bitch at this point is/was the events committee's refusal to even acknowledge the fact our proposal was submitted and submitted on time unlike the Chapter that was awarded the meet. Their bias towards that Chapter was evident. The narrative that there were no other proposals for 2019 is simply not the truth and I am baffle
  3. Chuck you and I have worked together on several small events with ease. But your refusal to acknowledge that the GPVR even submitted a proposal for the 2019 National (the only region that submitted a proposal on time by the way) has really ruffled some feathers here. Not to mention the fact the events committee ripped it to shreds insulting several members including myself. You submitted my proposal for the 2012 National as an example apparently that was acceptable then but our 2019 which contained similar details was garbage. I believe the 20 anniversary meet should be in the Midwest somewher
  4. No disrespect to this years meet. Our lack of attendance was primarily driven by the fact my wife is a teacher and time off in Sept. for her is difficult. I have enjoyed every VMC event I have ever attended and will continue to do so.
  5. I helped host a National in 2012 in Hot Springs and then in 2018 my LC proposed the National in Branson for 2019. Without beating a dead horse they apparently didn't think we were capable of doing so. The Events committee didn't care for our style and we grew to not care for theirs. My LC and I include myself are not interested in trying another proposal after the reception it got in 2018. We have one of the only active LC's in the SC region without our support I don't think there is enough structure to put together a National proposal for the Midwest.
  6. I'm aware. Eastern TN if you will. Still way far East for most of the country. Last 2 meets East of the Mississippi this will make the third
  7. Nothing against the Dragon Riders but another East coast meet is disappointing.
  8. I am curious as well to find out the attendance totals.
  9. Hey Lowell, Do you know what hotel they are staying in the St Lois area? Diane and I may ride out there with you and then back to KC.
  10. Was there any announcement at the meet last weekend as to where the 2017 will be held?
  11. It's being hosted by the Palmer Divide Victory Riders from Castle Rock, CO Thread is in the Clubhouse forum
  12. Hotel for this leg will be the Pear Tree in Overland Park Ks. We will have a BBQ at the hotel that evening. Details on that later.King room $79.952 queen beds- $89.95Please book by 05-28-14 for this rate. Use the link or call the hotel direct. Pear Tree Inn Overland Park10951 METCALF AVENUE OVERLAND PARK , KS 66210Telephone: (913) 451-0200Thank you for allowing Pear Tree Inn Overland Park to be a part of your next great event! We are looking forward to seeing you soon and we are ready to uphold our reputation for great service & value. Rooms have been held for our group and to mak
  13. I need a head count for the dinner Friday. I will this be posting in GPVR forums as well. Dinner will be about 6:30. Please vote in one or the other not both. Thanks.
  14. Hotel info for the end of this Leg in KC. We will have the MITM Friday evening as usual. 10 rooms are blocked, 5 Kings and 5 doubles. Rate is $74.95 for the Kings and $84.95 for the doubles. Block will be held until 05-27-14. At that time any unbooked rooms will be released and you will have to pay prevailing rate assuming availabilty. Below is the hotel info. You can book online or by phone. Or group # is 2210822 Pear Tree Inn Overland Park 10951 METCALF AVENUE OVERLAND PARK , KS 66210 Telephone: (913) 451-0200 Thank you for allowing Pear Tree Inn Overla
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