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  1. Take your time. That "big fatty" makes me want to buy a Cross Country that I can't afford anyway...
  2. Whatever it's called, that would look sick contrast cut!!!
  3. I need these for fender tips...I'll be in touch.
  4. a black open pulley cover with contrast cut flames :blsh
  5. It looks awesome! and expensive...
  6. Be sleeping in my own bed, save for a night or two at the Chip. Would definitely love to hook up with some members for a ride. Also, got a garage full of tools if needed...
  7. That looks awesome! Can't wait to put it on. Thanks!
  8. I'm thinking that red cap will look pretty sweet on top of the black bolts also on the Hammer S!
  9. Those are awesome except for the Yankees logo. Damn fine work!!!
  10. There are pictures of wedges for the different model Victory bikes on the cycleops website. They are all sweet!
  11. That is SWEET! Looking at your website, that one would be $75 for the insert and $45 for the back plate. Is that correct?
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