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  1. Thanks for the "schedule of events" Sounds like I'm going to move this from "thinking about it" over to "seriously considering it"....so put me in the probably/almost confirmed pool. Will take a week or so before I can fully confirm. What would be the route for the Michiganers? Any possibility there could there be a meeting/hook-up point for those that are coming from other areas? Like something somehwere in Indiana or Ohio? Gas station would be fine or something like.....perhaps a strip club??????
  2. I understand that this is a loosely organized gathering.......but Will there be any type of ride Friday after arrival at the motel? A dinner? Or just a bunch of drinking? How about Saturday? A FULL day of riding? Or wait for the hangovers to clear up and only get 3/4 or 1/2 day of riding? I've got nothing against drinking and socializing....but I don't want to plan on attending an event where it consumes more time than riding.
  3. Been trying to do some research but it seems that every single thread in this forum is FROZEN. Looking for some basic info about the V2V for someone who hasn't been around here long. I guess in a nutshell........looking for the what, where, when and why aspects of the V2V. Some details like... How many riders usually participate in each leg? Two? Ten? Fifty? More...? Can someone join a leg anywhere along the leg? And depart anywhere? What types of stops happen on each leg? Is breakfast or lunch or dinner usually done sometime during the leg? What does each leg consist of as far as terrain? All highway slab miles? Or back country roads? Or a combination? Any fee/cost or donation? Or do we make a human sacrifice to appease the ride captain? Like I said....just some basic information, mainly to clear up some confusion :blnk
  4. Using keywords is a very small part of search engine rankings. If you haven't done so already I strongly recommend you do some research on how to get higher rankings. If it isn't done correctly you can do a TON of labor for very MINIMAL results. Here is a good begining... http://www.web-inspect.com/google-tips-for-higher-rankings.php Good luck !
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