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  1. Several weeks ago I signed up for Nationals, clicked the cash box since I don't have Paypal I received the email that it said I would receive. The problem is it didn't have any information on who or where to send my check for registration. The email said for any questions contact the webmaster but I haven't gotten any response. Can somebody please help me? I would really like to get this paid.
  2. I am registered, but when I clicked the cash Icon it said they would send me an Email which they did. However there is no information on who or where to send a check which I have always done in the past. Did I miss something? I would like to get this taken care of so the MI guys have some money to work with to put on an awesome event like they always do!
  3. When I saw cheap ass smart guy mentioned I thought how did I get drug into this conversation. Then I remembered I am a tight wad smart ass, so carry on. Wow this will be a cool destination. Have to start talking to the wife real nice.
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