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  1. On 2/24/2018 at 3:49 AM, DirtyTwin said:

    Welcome to Leg 5 of the 2018  V2V,
    My name is Graham Vincent, and I am your Leg Captain for today's spectacular ride.
    Tuesday June 26th, we will be leaving "The White River Inn" (970) 878-5031 in Meeker Colorado around 9:00 am.
    (There is Ethanol free gas available in Meeker, however, we will also be heading North to Craig Colo, (about a 50 mile trip) where there is also Ethanol free gas available.)
    We will be taking Colo 13 North from Meeker to Craig to pick up The Victory Highway, we will head East thru Steamboat Springs and then Colo 131 to Toponas, we will take Colo 134 over gore Pass (9,523 ft) and hook back onto The Victory highway toward Kremling, and then on to Granby where Ethanol free gas is available, on thru Tabernash, Winter Park and over Berthoud Pass (11,306 ft). we will then take a short ride WEST on I-70 about 3 miles to Georgetown, where we will pick up Guanella Pass road, this takes us up to 11,670 ft, and a terrific view of Mt Bierstadt (14,065 ft) and the back of Mt Evans (14,265 ft), we will pick up Highway 285 and sneak our way down the hills to arrive at The Comfort Suites (303)-814-999 in Castle Rock, Colorado.
    As a member of the VMC you will receive a special rate of $132 for your room, (they will take $20 off that price if you pay when you book, it's non cancelable though!).
    This ride will have you ride over 10,000 ft at least 3 times, if you live at low elevation normally, hydration is very important, you should plan on drinking about 50% more water than you do normally, beginning about 48 hours prior.

    Even though I can’t make the trip from Craig I’d like to join for dinner. Probably two of us. Let me know where you’re planning and I’ll try to add on to your reservation. 


  2. Wanted to let everyone know Chris and I had the honor of attending a Relief Ride BBQ #6 of the Motorcycle Relief Project tonight. It was a great experience meeting current and past ride participants and other supporters of the MRP. Hearing current and past participants testimony about what the program has meant to them certainly solidified in our minds we picked a great beneficiary of the National Meet. We were able to present Tom Larson and Motorcycle Relief Project a check for the proceeds of the meet in the amount of $19,307! Everyone present expressed how grateful they were of the VMC’s contribution. Even some participants would like to ride with the Palmer Divide victory Riders to show their appreciation.

    On behalf of the Palmer Divide Victory Riders we would like to thank all the VMC members and 2016 National Meet attendees for making the meet such a success. 

    Thanks so much,

    Chris and Dave Cooper

  3. You can still check into the hotel. This is just check in for VMC event. If you haven't checked in you can still go to the Dealer event. It is at Fort Collins Motorsports there will be directions at the hotel. It is 8 or 9 miles away. We will have check in open later that night or first thing in the morning. If you have not already registered please do so asap or I will not be able to guarantee food for Friday night or the banquet Saturday night. We had to turn in our numbers already, I can probably add some Thursday but helpful if you are registered prior to showing up.



  4. Hello Everyone!


    Getting close to the early registration cut off point! Wanted to put out a reminder for everyone to register. Our hotel reservations don't seem to match our registrations and the earlier the better would really help out the event organizers. We are very close to our room allocations as well, if you know you are not going and have a reservation please go ahead and release your room.




    Dave Cooper

    Event Co-Chair



  5. Looks like the previous link had expired so here is a new one. Or you can just call 1-800-228-9290 and mention The Victory Motorcycle Club to book your room.




    If you have any issues please let me know.


    Dave Cooper




  6. We will be staying at The Marriott in Fort Collins, CO. We are currently upgrading the National meet website so I thought I would put this info out for those interested in booking their rooms now. Room rates are $139/night. Event dates 8/4/16 thru 8/7/16. Booking can be done by calling 1-800-228-9290 (mention The Victory Motorcycle Club for our block of rooms or click on link below for online booking.




    If you have any questions please contact me at coop2362@gmail.com.


    Hope to see you in Colorado next year!


    Dave Cooper

    2016 National Meet Co-Chair

    Palmer Divide Victory Riders

  7. Hi All,


    I am the new capt for this leg. Not changing anything other then slight change of route. Still hoping to leave as close to 9:00 AM as possible from Days Inn in Castle Rock. Remember you need to sign a waiver so please arrive early. Heading up Deer Creek Rd through Evergreen and over Squaw Mountain Pass. Lunch in Winter Park and then to Craig via Steamboat or over Gore Pass depending on people's wishes. Dinner on Monday night is still at Rockyard American Grill, 880 Castleton Rd in Castle Rock 6:00 to 6:30. Please let me know if you will be attending dinner, we are trying to make some reservations.


    I am also planning to ride out to Limon on Monday afternoon and ride in with that leg 9. Let me know if you are interested in joining usand we can coordinate a meeting place.


    You can reach me directly @ coop2362@gmail.com or 303-917-2114


    Looking forward to a great leg and much fun in Craig!


    Dave Cooper





  8. Paul,


    I cannot swing getting off work on Friday to make it out there. I may try and get out to either Burlington or Limon to ride that last little bit with you into Castle Rock. Please give my room to someone.




    Not sure if you wanted a room in Castle Rock or Wilson. We only have one spare room but you are welcome to a couch if you want to save some $. Let me know.





  9. Paul,


    I live in Castle Rock and did the legs from Craig to Castle Rock and on to Wilson last year. We have a room at our house that you are welcome to if you want to skip the hotel. I had some issues last year on the Wilson leg and am thinking about doing it again this year but haven't decided yet. If I do come out and you have some room I might take you up on that. I'll know more the first of June on my plans.





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