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  1. Just please try to keep it in a "Non-mandatory brain bucket" state...
  2. Anyone have an address for Greeson's (if I spelled it right) in Hot Springs? I told Clause I'd send him a package when I got home and would like to get it out ASAP...
  3. If anybody coming to the meet has a set of old TC bars laying around I'd really appreciate it if you could find a way to bring them with. Talking to airguy at the AVR last weekend he told me that he put a set on his former KP and it worked out great for him. Told me they were kinda like having pull-back bars on which is kinda what I'm looking to do with my KP. Any help is greatly appreciated in advance. Thanks - 06pin
  4. Can I get someone from the events comittee setting up the 2012 meet to contact me? I have an idea, whether it be practical or not, and would just like to throw it out there and bounce it off you guys to see if it would be do-able...:chpr
  5. I disagree, I work every other weekend and planned on attending both events next year.. back to back weekends would kill the meet for me, not to mention that not everyone can take a week and a half off of work to make it into a "vacation" and hit both events... just my $.02 which due to inflation just put me in the hole... The other side to it is, unless you're the one going through all the work to sponsor and set it up, I say let the sponsoring region choose the dates... Not every weekend is gonna work for everybody and I'm sure we all realize that but the sponsoring region should have the final say in when it happens and I'm sure that the people involved in organizing an event like this take suggestions into consideration when talking to the local dealers/retailers/hotels... I think you see my point. Basically, if you're not the person organizing it and are fortunate enough to make it to the meet I think you should be thanking the people that went through everything to set it up rather than bitch about how things should've been different...
  6. just booked my room, look forward to finally meeting alot of you guys....
  7. I'm not worried about the grub I'll find a way to survive, I mean I've made it this far... I was planning on registering when and if I get there. If I do make it I'll be starting my trip out in KC. Is there anybody from the area that I could ride with or should I plan on making the trek solo?
  8. Anybody having a cam party while we're all there?
  9. I plan on taking off Thursday after work (probably leaving work early) and am going to try to make it at least to Glendive, MT. I should be leaving the Fargo area around 1:00 in the afternoon. Just curious if there was going to be anybody coming through the area around then or if anyone would want to meet up along the way(just taking I-94 all the way across) to ride together. PM me if there is any interested parties out there...
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