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  1. On December 7, 2019 members of the Adirondack Victory Riders presented a check of just over $9100.00 to the Double H Ranch. The Double H Ranch, our charity of choice, is an organization that provides a wide array of outdoor experiences and activities for children with life threatening illness'. We wish to thank all the people who attended the 2019 VMC National Meet in Lake George, who helped make this a very memorable event. Also we would like to thank the following vendors who donated goods and services, and ask you to please consider purchasing from them again soon. Counteract Balancing * Kirsh Helmets * Lake George Distilling Co. * Pork Chops Vic Pucks * Ronnies Motorsports * Spike Unlimited * Taylor Specialties * The Crossroads * Vic Sticks * Warren Tire * Wildhorse Powersports * Witchdoctors * And of coarse countless individuals who donated CASH or ITEMS for the benefit of the Kids of the Double H Ranch. A Huge THANK YOU!!
  2. On behalf of all of the Adirondack Victory Riders who helped host this event, we say thanks to all who made the trip from destinations near and far. These events can be a blast to participate in, just ask someone who has attended. Saying hello to old friends as well as new friends is only the beginning. Spend an afternoon on a great two wheel (or 3) adventure with people you had no idea were so kool!
  3. A couple from the Adirondack Adventure ride at the 2019 VMC National Meet. 1 of three guided rides on Friday. Beautiful Autumn Weather in the Adirondacks.
  4. My department was rides. That info I do not have.
  5. A few more, By the way...All photos courtesy of Don Macomber. Adirondack Victory rider Photo Journalist. Photo #1 & 2- Saturday Bike Parade to the Pavilions for Bar B-Q Photo #3 & 4 & 5- Thursday Evening Meet & Greet. Bonus Points for having enough food for all.
  6. Here are just a few, More will happen soon. photo #1 The event registration table with 4 people to enter the info which means much faster times at check in. photo#2 The group shot which is cut off due to size restrictions. Not all attendees were present at that time. photo #3 Kent & Clay informing the Michiana Club about how to make the most of long distance riding to events.
  7. All the rides created for the 2019 VMC National Meet are available for download onto your GPS from the event website. https://eventsthevmcnationalmeet2019.wordpress.com The downloads are located under the rides tab on the banner. I hope you are able to enjoy 1 or 2 during the event.
  8. This past Saturday, members of the Adirondack Victory Riders completed the last two recon rides for the event in September. We had fun creating these routes but, we had much more fun riding them. There are 10 routes available to load onto your GPS. The routes range in length from 61 miles to 207, and of course cover some diverse areas. We have a ride that heads to Whiteface Mtn. and Lake Placid, (about 75 miles away), the site of past Winter Olympics. We have plenty of historical places for those who wish to explore, such as Fort William Henry just up the road or, Fort Ticonderoga about 40 miles away. We have a ride that should satisfy any and all who are attending this rally. We also expect to have 3 guided rides for Friday and Saturday as well. We are doing our homework, and I can say that some of my job was checking out these rides...it is dirty work but, somebody has to do it! Come check out this part of our great country.
  9. Really nice having the road to yourself. Some great shots Gene.
  10. Hey Mark, We would welcome you to join in on the fun. We are doing a benefit ride this Saturday. We will meet up at the Malta Diner at 0830 for breakfast, and depart at 0930. The benefit ride starts up in Gansevoort, NY and will be most of the day. if that is not good for you, we will be doing more National Meet pre-rides starting up on July 27. You can always email me for any info. Glad to see you back here. Tony Parente aparente001@nycap.rr.com
  11. On behalf of the Adirondack Victory Riders, I would like to congratulate Paul Milman as the latest WINNER of 2 free nights stay at the host hotel of the 2019 VMC National Meet. Paul Milman's name was drawn in the latest room raffle tonight, so if you know Paul, congratulate him. He will enjoy two nights free during the big event in September. Thank you to all who registered for the 2019 VMC National Meet, and we look forward to seeing everyone in September.
  12. I may have misspoke about her joining as an Associate Member. Does she have her own motorcycle? if so...is it a Victory? The breakdown... Victory Motorcycle owner - Full Member Family Member of a Victory Motorcycle owner - Associate Member Owner of any other brand of motorcycle - Support Member
  13. If she registers as a non-member, she will have to pay the higher fee. The best way to avoid this would be to have her join the VMC as an Associate Member. The registration fees are structured to entice people to join the VMC. There is a considerable difference between the registration fee of a member vs a non-member. Hope this helps.
  14. The host of the 2019 VMC National Meet is holding another Room Raffle. This raffle is for two(2) free nights stay at the host hotel, The Great Escape Lodge. All you need to do to be eligible for winning this room raffle is to register for the National Meet that will be held September 12th-15th. If you are already registered for the National Meet, you are already entered into this drawing, which will end on July 2nd. It doesn't get any easier than this folks, register for the 2019 VMC National Meet in Lake George, NY and you have a chance to win 2 free nights stay at the Great Escape Lodge. Every person registered for this event will be entered into this drawing, but this drawing will end on July 2nd. This drawing is not open to any Adirondack Victory Rider Member. Don't wait people, register today and be eligible to win the room raffle.
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