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  1. Somebody is gonna be a very happy camper as the winner of this drawing. Just for registering for the VMC's big event of the year. I'm a little butt-hurt that it is not open to the host club...but whatya gonna do. I will be happy for the winner of this raffle...anyway. This is HUGE !!
  2. Dag-gum it man !! That brings back memories. Who's in for making more memories ?? WOOT-WOOT !!
  3. All registered up. Now...the agony of the wait begins. Ooohhh the winter blues. ?
  4. Here is one from up on the Kancamangus Hwy. The High altitude was clearly taking it's toll on this group.
  5. Giant Thank You to the Granite State Chapter, What a great time...The riding in the white Mtns. is always GREAT! Go in any direction...GREAT! Your group's event planning is impeccable. Your choice of venue was fantastic. The Meals...C'MON... Brisket & Fried Chicken one night, & Prime Rib the next. DAM! I"m talkin a four course meal here. We ate like kings. Sorry and queens. How about talking to people I haven't seen in a long time...years long, almost a decade long, and remember them as if it were yesterday. Not to mention, The Adirondack Victory Riders table scored huge with the silent auction. I thought I may have to rent a motorcycle tow trailer to get all the bling back home. WOW, what a great time. Thank you Granite State Chapter for having this awesome event. Tremendous Job!
  6. One good thing Mike, you are only talking about 10-15 people.
  7. Hey Rockinron, could you post here (when appropriate) the number of bikes you have with you, and also an ETA in Grayling. Depending on the numbers, this may be a good photo op. Maybe... I don't know. ?‍☠️
  8. What about LC Club Banners? The Adirondack Victory Riders have our own Banner, and was brought to other VMC National Meets. I am pretty sure there are other LC's that have the same.
  9. I know a guy...who knows a guy...who knows a guy...whose brother can take care of that problem for ya. No names...don't ask for everyones health. He will come over there, and have a little chit-chat... with that "Bridge Builder" :doh Problem solved... an dat is dat as they say. Just let me know...i'll make the call.
  10. "Reliable Sources" RIGHT! With all the gov't red tape...Trade strikes...accidental deaths...and weather delays, I wouldn't be so sure. Looks like we will be see'n this eye candy from a boat. :bu
  11. Registration complete...see y'all at Northern Thunder.
  12. Just Registered and looking forward to meet'n Y'all in the Low Country. :kick
  13. OH, the anticipation...it's gonna be killer! That's right...2016 VMC National Meet Registration - CHECK! Room Booked - CHECK! Psyched to ride in Colorado - CHECK! The next couple of months will be agony... :kick
  14. Just booked my room for the extravaganza! :pty Can't wait to ride Colorado!!
  15. I wish to extend a huge THANK YOU to The Palmer Divide Victory Rides for a GREAT job done at the 2016 VMC National Meet!! Very well executed, Plenty of food and fun for everyone. And lets not forget the incredible riding in the Rocky Mountains. From someone who has been through what you have to get the job done, and done well, I say Great Job and Thank You. :tu :pty
  16. Aint Skeered... have no fear... we get snow here too. :sam
  17. I see there is some snow on the ground in these pics...what month were these taken? This mountain is part of my planned rides while attending the national meet in 2016.
  18. Keep the pics coming...your fueling the fire, the desire to join you in the mountains of CO. :jd
  19. Registered and ready to rock & roll!! :ir Process was smooth and easy. Great Job Fella's. :usa
  20. Room is booked :pty :dp Lookin forward to the big event. Captcupcake is on the way! :yho
  21. I am in no way associated with the Nash-Vegas crew... but just was involved with the 2014 National in Hunter. Any way, you all will have to wait for the host club to announce the site & accomidations. They will open the site for reservations, with any club discounts that may be available. Trying to rush the gate will only cause confusion. C'mon people...be patient.
  22. I would suggest, to keep checking back with the people at Hunter Mtn. because as some people back out, those rooms will become available.
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