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  1. It was one of the Studio Deluxe rooms Thu - Sat nights. But the hotel called back and said they had a waiting list and were going to start contacting people on the list.
  2. Terri and I will not be able to attend, just cancelled our room so there is a studio available
  3. I have a 2 bedroom but was looking for a studio deluxe (want the refrigerator)
  4. Jon, Give me a call, you should have my number or PM me
  5. Never heard of it, do they have fun there
  6. Will did my stock heated seat, did a 6,000 mile trip with it last summer and it was comfortable the whole time and also looked great.
  7. Looks like Wed they are gonna have to get out the winter gear all of 70
  8. Is that normal person 32 hours or golfer 32 hours
  9. As long as the rain is coming from the front and not blowing sideways at 45mph
  10. So you going to be bringing any of those up to Helen with you?
  11. Are there going to be any vendors there that will do oil changes? Or somewhere in the are that does? We are coming from GA and hoping to get in Sat afternoon and will be needing an oil change
  12. Hey Will are you bringing me special presents down to Key West?
  13. and those vids are only at 720p 30 fps otherwise it will eat up that 32gig memory card I am using. It will shoot up to 1080p. It was great riding with you guys and the after rides were really fun to. Come on down for lobsterfest Oct 14-17 at Ironhorse Motorcycle lodge will be some great riding and partying.
  14. Yes GoPro HD Hero works great, got mine at cyclegear.com. For some reason I can never catch her LOL Jim, guess you should have followed Terri
  15. And I know you are bringing my new goodies up to Lobsterfest
  16. You know what I want. But we now have another problem, I haven't seen you post anything over in the Southeast thread about Terri and her new Vision so I think we might need some additional bling.
  17. Yes Black, sorry you are not coming to the national I will drink a few for you
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