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  1. Burt, I love you guys today, and I loved my college friends then, and I still love them now, but I know that I'll be disappointed if I go to the reunion and don't feel like I'm back in college again with all the fun I had back then, because it just won't be the same. I'm picking making new memories with people I just saw back in June but can't wait to see again over trying to relive old memories with people I haven't seen in 20 years except for a few postings on Facebook.
  2. I like the smooth edge one that's narrower on one end the most. After that, the other smooth one, then the one scalloped all the way around.
  3. Jim, we were at the Cumming shop yesterday and heard an update on Vision Bob's bike. He's got it back, and his problem seems to have been a small crack in the rear brake line. Replacing the lines may have done the trick.
  4. Good Lord, Golfer. Two more and you'll have one for every day of the week.
  5. Can't wait to see it in person, Burt. But I guess it won't be this weekend. Enjoy your pig melt in Helen.
  6. Will, we will be there at the hotel Thursday night. Can't wait!
  7. Ha! Thanks, Will! And Stoggy only got blurrier as the night progressed. :beer
  8. Finally got the still pictures posted to photobucket. Here they are, including Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive on the ride north. Slideshow: http://s627.photobucket.com/albums/tt359/tkt2ride/2010%20VMC%20National%20Meet/?albumview=slideshow Samples: Mt. Washington Skyline Drive Blue Ridge Parkway BRP Fog on BRP More fog Actual view after the fog cleared Wednesday night buddies More Wednesday night Still more Wednesday night Miss you Jethro Mt. Washington Auto Road Mt. Washington summit A couple of pros Lobster made a friend Stoggy holding up the porch Harley Ice cream bike From the west ride From I-93 Donation to Jen's Friends
  9. More videos, these from the bike games Saturday night. Slow races CCHSZUfnWzM Hot dog biting contest Fx41ZnEF1xM
  10. Conquest Customs Scott's burnout on Cobra during the bike games Saturday night. 6PZ5Omgrryo
  11. Here is video from Thursday on Hurricane Mountain. This one is a little more exciting than the other ones where Rich is stuck behind my slow butt. He was able to drop back and get a little speed. Also, Rick57, Lobster, and The Kid make an appearance coming in the opposite direction at about 1:29. ypXEyVN04SQ
  12. When we arrived Wednesday night, we had a nice time visiting with our new friends. Lobster had a question for our Aussie friend, Visioness. He provided some insight into the female kangaroo anatomy. 848OzalCzYc
  13. Here are some more videos of Mount Washington, this time coming down. First section is from the top to just before the dirt section. AOgH81A0e90 Second is the dirt section. jYbakdxFBuo Third is after the dirt section to the bottom. Lobsterhunter makes cameo appearances at 3:49 and 4:52. :) H9X29HcuSEc
  14. Video of the Wednesday ride up Mt. Washington. Keep in mind, I'm no speed demon, and I'm sure some may find my progress painfully slow. Just think, you can see more scenery this way (you, not me, I had my eyes GLUED to the road). First part still in the trees: Vut4fslzIvM Second part above the trees: jkGgWoUxywU
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