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  1. Greg and Amy, Love you guys!!! Amy, you need to talk to Keith about the trees OMG!!! yeah I just said OMG!!! Still laughing about it,. my stomach hurts..
  2. Reserved my room today. They also have rooms with a single full bed for $69 or $62 with AAA discount. Hope the snow is gone by the time June gets here.
  3. A few thoughts regarding the people involved in this event and the folks on the site. Committee members, I can't imagine all of the work you guys do and none of it would happen without you. Leg Captains, you all deserve a thank youfor stepping up someone has to lead and you guys are the top! Dealers that support the ride, food,prizes, service. Awesome! Riders, what a great group of folks. I can't imagine a better bunch to roll with. Special thanks to Mike "Dirty Bubble" you really went above and beyond helping take care of Tom after his accident. If you have not taken part in this before, you don't know what your missing.
  4. Tom is now home, well,at his sister's house. Thanks to John for meeting us half way. Mike for all you did. And anyone else that helped or showed support and love for our brother.
  5. Wexler that is a great idea. We could pack a couple into the vehicle for the ride back. Great way for tom to stay comfy, having cuties wrapped around him.
  6. Tommy, We are so glad it was not more serious. Kaye and I are praying for your speedy recovery. Waiting for the word and I will be rolling with Bruce. To the folks in the area, Thank you for taking care of our brother!!!!! Dann and Kaye Walling
  7. The ride is pulling out of Hebron, OH right now! See anyone who is riding along the way. Mike, AKA Dirtybubble is the CAptain for this leg. Dann
  8. Great support from these folks. Many thanks to them for the door prizes and the great lunch. We felt like VIP's. Pics to follow. Dann and Kaye
  9. A few pics of Victory Motorsports of Dayton.
  10. Funniest thing I heard on the V2V. "I woke up about 3 in the morning with some Chief screaming and yelling at me to get up. I looked at him and said, you must be looking for seamen". Stated by John Riggs, describing what he did while working on a naval vessel. He said it and I have witnesses.
  11. Planning to meet with the V2V group that evening in St. Louis. Waiting for lodging info. Thanks, Dann
  12. We had a great time, thanks to all who are responsible and or rode. Tried to limit the same photos others posted. Dann
  13. sorry double post, meant to put it in the tracking area,
  14. Tried to keep the re-pronts to a minimum. Thanks to everyone responsible and or participating in the ride. We had a great time. Dann
  15. The wife and I are determined to make a couple of legs further west next year. We both want to see some of the eagle monuments. Sounds like everybody is still having fun on the ride. Dann
  16. Hey Rob, how hot was it Thursday? Yep about that hot. Dann
  17. HAving a blast! we are at the Best Western in Terra Haute. The wife and I are heading home early in the morning, but we had a blast for two legs. IT's hot, I'm going swimmming now!
  18. Ok, Got the room, Signed the poll, now just need to get there and live it up!! Myself plus the wife 2up. Dann
  19. Trying to make it a go for this leg(will be first VRC ride ever). Work schedule looks like it will work out. Where is everyone staying the night before, just called the Comfort Inn in Waynesburg. The lady on the phone said I had the wrong place, but someone else had called earlier that day looking for the same info. Any ideas? Thanks, Dann
  20. The wife and I will be riding 2up. Booked at Hebron Best West. Looking forward to meeting some folks. May have to break off before Terra Haute, we will see. Dann
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