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    Our monthly PVR breakfast meeting at Zeke's Eatin' Place at 8 AM 😎
  2. Due to the Arizona Governor's proclamation, the bar and canteen at the Prescott Valley VFW are close for an undetermined amount of time because of COVID 19 situation. As all other restaurants are also closed we'll forgo our monthly lunches for the time being. As the situation changes we'll relook at these meetings...
  3. After our meeting at least a couple of us will ride down to Phoenix for "Run for the Wall" get together at Booty's Wings & Burgers in Surprise...😎
  4. Here's a pic (or 2 or...) from last year's V2V... The V2V is a TON of FUN!!!!! Some REALLY GREAT folks ride this historic run...😎 Looking forward to the 2020 V2V!!!
  5. Good meeting this morning at Zeke's Eatin' Place. 8 riders attended (only 1 rode, it was well below freezing)! Good food, Good people, and some Good conversations. Maybe next month we can ride south, assuming there's no snow here...😎
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    Our last lunch of 2019 will be at 12 noon, I've got an appt at the VA at 11:00...😎
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    We'll meet at 8 AM this Saturday so that we can help with "Wreaths Across America" at the Prescott National Cemetery ay 9:15...😎
  8. 11:00 am at the Prescott Valley VFW...😎
  9. Our last meeting at 9 am, starting in April we'll return to 8:00 am...😎
  10. 11:00 at the Prescott Valley VFW...😎
  11. 9 am at Zeke's Eatin' Place...😎
  12. Our 1st lunch/BS session at the Prescott Valley VFW in 2020. We're meeting on the 4th Thursdays now at 11:00 am...😎
  13. 9 AM at Zeke's Eatin' Place...😎
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    Starting in Jan 2020 we'll change to the 4th Thursday at 11:00 am at the Prescott Valley VFW Post 10227...😎
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    Not too cold this morning, 40+* with clear blue sky's. Couple guys couldn't make it but those of us that were there had a Good breakfast and some good times...😎
  16. Bearcat


    MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL and to ALL: Ride Safe and Ride Often!!!
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    Last PVR Meeting of 2019. See ya in 2020!!!😎 No Lunch at the VFW this month, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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    Our final PVR Lunch get together of 2019 at the Prescott Valley VFW Post 10227...😎
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    Monthly breakfast meeting at Zeke's Eatin' Place...😎
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    Monthly get together for lunch at the Prescott Valley VFW...
  22. 8:00 AM @ Zeke's Eatin' Place. We'll ride somewhere north most likely...😎
  23. 8:00 AM, Zeke's Eatin" Place in Frontier Village. This month we'll ride to the Happy Jack Lodge, with any luck we'll get home before the rain...😎
  24. Some pics from the Border Cafe on the border of Utah & Nevada... Baton passing in Ely
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