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  1. REALLY Appreciate the pics Gene. Maybe a word or 2 as to who's in them and the location(s) would be nice for those of us out west here... 😎😎
  2. Cleta and I will ride with the group from Craig to Evanston. She can't handle the elevation thru the Wasatch so we'll pick up I-80 out of Evanston and meet ya'll at the Zermatt...😎 After looking at the route(s) again Cleta and I will continue on west US 40 out of Vernal and meet everyone at the Zermatt Resort. Gotta take care of her... she's not a "long distance" type of rider...
  3. Our Monthly Lunch / BS Session at the Prescott Valley VFW
  4. Our Lunch & BS Session at the Prescott Valley VFW
  5. Our Monthly meeting & breakfast at Zeke's Eatin' Place @ 8:00 AM...😎
  6. Our Monthly meeting & breakfast at Zeke's Eatin' Place @ 8:00 AM...😎
  7. If I can work it out I'm looking to attend. Had a REALLY GOOD time @ the 2103 Meet there...😎
  8. Our Monthly meeting & breakfast at Zeke's Eatin' Place @ 8:00 AM...😎
  9. I have also had VERY GOOD service from WD!!! Everything I've ordered has been top notch, they provide videos for those of us with "limited" M/C maintenance experience and they always follow-up with a phone call to make sure everything is Good. 😎 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
  10. Good turnout considering it was COLD on the ride to Zeke's. 8 of us made it...😎😎
  11. Cleta and I will stay at the Jail House again. We've had too many cold showers at the Hotel Nevada...😒
  12. until

    "Stuff happens" as they say...😎 We'll get this deal worked out for sure next year. The 9 of us still had a Good time, a few of our group rode to Lake Havasu on Saturday while 2 of us rode up to Henderson to take care of a friend's Victory. I agree, a few of us "older" PVR members would REALLY like to see this be at least similar to what it used to be...😎
  13. Our monthly lunch & BS session at the Prescott Valley VFW Post 10227
  14. The wife and I are planning to ride some of the western legs again this year. Waiting to see where the hotels will be...😎
  15. until

    Called the Riverside, unable to get any info about the dinner. They didn't show a reservation name that sounded familiar or for the Victory group??? There are 9 of us here from PVR, would really like to see some familiar faces... A few of us are riding to Henderson/Las Vegas this am to help a friend out. Should be back around 2 or 3...
  16. until

    Just saw this, I'll see if I can add the PVR group, should be 8 of us...😲
  17. Our Monthly meeting & breakfast at Zeke's Eatin' Place @ 8:00 AM...😎
  18. until
    We start in Ontario, Ca. 10 days later we are mission complete in Arlington, Va. This Run was started in 1998 by a couple Vietnam Veterans to raise awareness of our POWs/ MIAs. As of Jan 5th, 2019 there were 82,147 (from all US conflicts since WW2) soles who's families have no closure on. All they know for sure is that their Loved One went to war and never returned. You can do one day or as many as you want, more info is available at RFTW.US... WE RIDE FOR THOSE WHO CAN"T!! The 2020 and 2021 Runs were cancelled due to COVID-19. The 2022 Run For The Wall is ON. Registration opened Sept 11th, hotel info and Run details should be finalized b y Jan 1st 2022.
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    11 AM at the Prescott Valley VFW Post 10227
  20. until
    During the winter (Nov - Mar) months we'll meet at 9 AM, warmer months @ 8 AM
  21. until

    REALLY hoping to return to Lewiston. Had a GREAT time at the 2013 VMC National Meet!!!😎
  22. If you look at the V2V's from prior years you should be able to get an idea of what happens. Each year the leg captains decide on the actual route to be used. There isn't a lot of US 40 left out west here, the guys (and gals) that set the routes out west here do a GREAT job of finding some AMAZING "detours"!!!😎
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