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  1. The rooms I've set aside will only be held until June 15th. So, if you plan on riding leg 2 to/from Ely, Nevada on the 2016 V2V you might want to get your reservations made pretty soon... 8)
  2. Just got off the phone with the Hotel Nevada. I've set aside a block of 8 rooms (1 of which is mine), a couple double rooms and the rest are single rooms. I've reserved the Frontier room for our passing of the baton/handle bar, adult refreshments, and something off the menu at 6:30 PM. There was a little confusion during booking so if the clerk you talk with doesn't recognized the "V2V" or "Victory Highway Relay" just let them know you are with the Rick Gunder group... She quoted a rate of $57.60 for the night... :tu I'll take us from Carson City thru Austin (170 or so miles) for gas and a bite to eat before finishing in Ely... :chpr If you have already made a reservation at this hotel call and let them know you are with this group since no one seemed to know about us :? :? :? Although my sense of direction SUCKS I guessing I can get us from Carson City to Ely without too many wrong turns... :blsh
  3. "Registered" @ eventzilla for legs 2, 3, & 4. Would like to know what hotel(s) everyone is staying at? I saw a post on FB that leg captains had been identified for all the western legs but don't see any posts here to that effect unless I'm not looking in the right place... Last time (2014) I rode the V2V from ELY to Park City to Craig. I recall staying at the Hotel Nevada in Ely. I see we're not staying in Park City, I saw here somewhere that the new stop is not Park City. In Craig we stayed at the Bear Valley Inn and had a GREAT Time!!!! Hope to get some info so hotel reservations can be made, I'll be on the "Run For The Wall" from mid May until the first week of June & unable to check every day. I'll keep looking here as often as I can... :? :? :? Let the bashing begin...
  4. Has anything been set up for passing the Baton and Spot tracker the evening of the 21st at Circus Circus. :dno :ao
  5. Been off the site since mid May on Run For The Wall... Anyone know what hotel is being used in Carson City??????? :? :? :? :?
  6. I'm looking forward to V2V this year (missed it last year) and hope the tradition continues. :tu Breaking up the ride by not doing continuous days might cause some to miss a leg they really wanted to ride. I'm thinkin few riders would be willing to hang out for 3 or 4 days between legs. I understand that some other riders would most likely show up for that next Friday start but what about the passing of the baton? That get together each evening is one of the best parts of the rally (other that the riding of course). :beer :tu :beer Like John (and a few others) it takes me 2 days to get to a start point then 3/4 days on the rally and 2/3 days to get home. I agree we need more riders, I had heard of the V2V for a couple years before I rode it and now I'm hooked. :y: We need more exposure IMHO....
  7. Had to cancel my room, REALLY SUCKS :n: !! There is now a standard king room is available now... :bm
  8. Many of us are waiting for that information... :blnk :dno Have had my room reserved for a couple months now....
  9. Reservations made, looking forward to seeing everyone. :chpr. :tu
  10. I'll be on my 08 Vision and the wife will be on her Can Am (knees to bad for a 2 wheeler). Looking forward to another really GOOD time in Craig! :tu Probably gonna ride to Carson City before heading back to central AZ....
  11. Nice pix!!! Wish we could have been there with you all!!! :y:
  12. Reservations made, looking forward to seeing everyone. :chpr :tu
  13. Reservation made, looking forward to seeing everyone. :chpr. :tu
  14. This is quite obviously the "G" rated version of the stop in Craig, Co at the Bear Valley Inn. A GOOD time was had by all (or at least that is what I've told Cleta). :beer
  15. Reservations made so we are IN!! We'll start in Ely and do 2 legs, looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new (to us) Victory Riders!! :tu :chpr :tu
  16. If the wife is up for it we are planning on riding both legs 3 and 4. Will make reservations tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone.... :y:
  17. Need to update my numbers. I originally thought I'd be riding by myself but that has changed, I'll have my wife sitting right behind me. :tu
  18. 1475 miles from Prescott Valley to Lewiston, 450 miles riding Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. 1615 on the return trip (went by a smoky Crater Lake). :chpr Smilin' all the way!! And a HUGE THANK YOU to Ann and her crew :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu
  19. 4 of us from PVR leave Monday and 2 more head out Tuesday.. Can't Wait!!!!! Looking forward to attending a Meet and not having to deal with the issues of running it. This is gonna be FUN!!!!!! :y: :y: :y:
  20. I've reserved my room and paid for the meet. Now we wait until those of us from Prescott Victory Riders hit the road to Lewiston. :chpr Looks like this Meet will rank right up there!! :tu
  21. You bring up valid points. It is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. Planning an event of this size requires MUCH MORE planning than most would believe and we can tell you from very recent experience it gets overwhelming quickly. Picking a date is only the first item that tics folks off. We understand that some folks cannot make reservations early and that is a real shame. The location is another item that will bring LOTS of concerns, no place is perfect and everyone has to understand that compromise will be the name of the game. The sooner the date and location are made then everyone can begin their individual planning.:chpr
  22. That REALLY SUCKS!!!! At least the bike is one of a kind. If they are that brazen to take it off the side of the road they may well be dumb enough to ride it! Hope all turns out okay for you, keep us posted...
  23. Oh Yeah, clear liquid in a mason jar :y: :y: I'm told the last time I drank it I had a good time?!?!????? Now if we had a hotel to consume it in or even a Hotel parking lot!! :beer
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