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  1. Com vIsit Big D's Custom Racks at this year's TN Victory Rally In Townsend, TN!
  2. Come see these folks at this year's TN Victory Rally!
  3. The Dragon Riders are very pleased to announce that Kevin Cross / Southern MotorWorx will be attending this years TN Victory Rally in Townsend, TN. Offering performance upgrades and Dyno Tuning! Please contact Kevin to schedule your appointment by the following: Email requests to Kevinx@southernmotorworx.com Include contact info, bike info, and work desired. Title email "Tenn Rally" https://www.facebook.com/Southern-Motorworx-1423189224611858/
  4. I didn't make it over, but I would like to thank you for your support of the VMC!
  5. No worries Bill! there is Panoramic shots on my Facebook page also, I would have posted them here but the file size was too large..... Loading one picture at a time from a mobile phone is a PITA also!
  6. Congrats Will !!! Looks like a road trip in the near future.....:chpr
  7. I'll be there, are you're gonna try to do it a week or two before Biketoberfest?
  8. Drew, you did look kinda rough there Sunday morning......
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