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  1. Ditto. 'Looks like I missed a great Meet! Thanks so much for postin' those pics!
  2. Good for you Candi! 'Hope you and Arnold have a ball.
  3. Man, I sure would like to go. I'll have to be the last minute guy, if indeed it happens for me. I have multiple caregiver responsibilities at home that are always in flux..........
  4. Oh, a Great Lakes National Meet would be awesome. If I could manage to attend that would be even better.
  5. Hmm, the dates work. I have to do some research on my end. If I put the bikes in the trailer attending may be possible. More research needed on my end, as it would take burning two of my three weeks of vacation. It's a long way -- 2400 miles, give or take -- from Po-dunk rural New Hampshire to Salt Lake. Oh, before anyone busts my chops about not riding out my lady friend as of yet does not have her bike license. That will come in the Spring of '17, but asking her to do 5000 miles round trip as a "newbie' is a bit much. Anyway, it's a long shot. I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple Nationals, but to be honest I've had the most fun at the Regional Meets. I am sort of working on hoping and trying to attend a "Regional Meet" every other year or so. South, Midwest, Northeast........ I need to get to the Southeast, the Northwest, and the Southwest.
  6. I'm a little butt hurt this AM, but I think it was yesterday's empanadas. Good for you Bob! The AVR had been on my bucket list (never been to one), so I would absolutely be in favor or such an event. :y:
  7. Cool. Thank you for posting the pics & vids! :y: 'Wish I could've made this one, but no go. I am looking forward to the Northeast Meet in a couple weeks!
  8. Oh fudge. 'Love the location but the dates just don't work for me, so I'm going to unfortunately have to pass on this one. :( Maybe 2018?
  9. I hope y'all have gorgeous weather (not that it ever rains during Laconia Bike Week). It's a Saturday, so I'll be working. :bm Have fun everyone!
  10. This one could be difficult for me to make. The best option, looking ahead, would be to ship the bike & fly down last minute. That won't come cheap, and I don't have deep pockets. Please let me know if you guys work out a discount with a shipper, with the end destination being the local Dealer whom I hope would be "on board" to accept bikes shipped. I wish I had time to ride to and fro next year, but I don't. I'll have a week.
  11. Got home just a little bit before lunch. Wet roads and a bit of drizzle most of the way, but a great ride home none the less as I took all back roads and there was very little traffic on a Sunday morning. Big time kudos to the Adirondack bunch! A lot of hard work went into a great Meet and the efforts of all who made it happen are greatly appreciated! :y: :appl
  12. Havin' a cup o' joe. 'Got the bike packed for a leisurely 170+ mile jaunt to Hunter. 'Been waitin' for this as I really need to get away, lol. See ya'll this afternoon. :pty
  13. 'Glad you're going to be able to make it back up to this neck of the woods. :y:
  14. Nice! Will does great work! :y:
  15. Registered! Tony, thank you to you and all your LC for hosting the Nationals!
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