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  1. New England Victory Rally - 20% Off Discount Code Starting on April 1st, 2016 this is the new discount code for VMC members. This will get you 20% off the $60 attendance fee through May. CLICK HERE to automatically enter VISION20 as your discount code. For More Information visit The Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders and click the rally banner.
  2. Hello Everyone, Just a reminder to please register for the 2015 New England Victory Rally. We are heading down to the National Rally in TN, just like everyone else, so we need to get as much accomplished prior to leaving as possible. We need a head count for t-shirts and food. In addition prices are scheduled to increase on August 1st. The registration fee will go up to $55 for VMC members. Then on September 1st the fee will go up to $60. Please take advantage of the lower cost and get registered by August 1st. Thanks, see you TN and at the Rally in September!
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to give everyone an update on the 2015 New England Victory Rally that will be held from September, 18-20 in West Dover, VT. Thursday is an optional day this year. The MBVR will be up there setting up in the morning so please feel free to come join us and get two full days of riding in on Friday and Saturday. The Matterhorn Inn is booked up, but the Gray Ghost Inn still has rooms available. Please call them directly at 800-745-3615 to get rally pricing. Tell them you are going to the New England Victory Rally. We have also arranged to have shuttle service for Fri
  4. Thanks for the comments on the videos! Glad you all like them. The zip line was a lot of fun. The folks at Hunter Mountain did a great job on the tour. Well worth doing if you are ever up there.
  5. I put together some video of our trip to the National Rally in Hunter Mountain. Here is part 1. 2SPBtpxb1uw
  6. I got this from Teare at the Resort today, thought I would pass it along. Some Lodging Options in and around Hunter: Hunter Inn (They will only open Thursday if they get 20 rooms) Beautiful accommodations ranging from hotel style to luxurious suites. Complimentary full buffet breakfast, occasional cocktail hour, open WiFi. Two children 16 and under stay free with parents. M $105-155 W $170-250 Peak/Holiday $200-285; Prices are subject to change w/o notice. 518-263-3777 hunterinn.com **** This is the larger of the accommodations close by but they are generally not open on Thursdays. I have
  7. I was given these hotels, but was told that there was not special rates. Roseberry Inn Scribner Hallow Lodge Hunter Inn Villa Vosilla I passed these on to those who were looking for rooms. They have found them to be much more expensive. They have also found that many of the hotels in the area are not open on Wednesday or Thursday nights. If anyone has had different experiences, please pass them on so that we can let our members know.
  8. Thanks, I will let everyone know that we should have some names in a few days.
  9. We have some members that are looking for alternative hotels in the hunter mountain area. Are there any suggested locations? Thanks?
  10. We still have a few rooms available at the Big Bears Lodge. Remember to book your room and if you have not signed up please do so--that is how we know home many meals to order, you don't want to be left out!
  11. New England Victory Rally Update, March, 2014 Spring is almost here and it time to start planning our rides and adventures for the 2014 riding season. Up there in the Northeast, we are fortunate to have two great VMC related events in the Northeast Region during the summer of 2014. First, the VMC National Rally in Hunter, New York from July 17 – 20th and the second the New England Victory Rally in West Dover, VT from August 21-24th. acqHQjOan4k
  12. Fantastic Matt, we look forward to seeing your guys there!
  13. We have secured sponsorhip from MOM'South and Diamond Gusset Jeans. Diamond Gusset has set up a 15% promo code for us that is good for any purchase through March 31st. Just use the promo code "victory" at checkout. http://www.americangusset.com/ Check out the Defender Motorcycle Jeans. All their jeans are 100% American made!
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