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  1. New England Victory Rally - 20% Off Discount Code Starting on April 1st, 2016 this is the new discount code for VMC members. This will get you 20% off the $60 attendance fee through May. CLICK HERE to automatically enter VISION20 as your discount code. For More Information visit The Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders and click the rally banner.
  2. Hello Everyone, Just a reminder to please register for the 2015 New England Victory Rally. We are heading down to the National Rally in TN, just like everyone else, so we need to get as much accomplished prior to leaving as possible. We need a head count for t-shirts and food. In addition prices are scheduled to increase on August 1st. The registration fee will go up to $55 for VMC members. Then on September 1st the fee will go up to $60. Please take advantage of the lower cost and get registered by August 1st. Thanks, see you TN and at the Rally in September!
  3. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to give everyone an update on the 2015 New England Victory Rally that will be held from September, 18-20 in West Dover, VT. Thursday is an optional day this year. The MBVR will be up there setting up in the morning so please feel free to come join us and get two full days of riding in on Friday and Saturday. The Matterhorn Inn is booked up, but the Gray Ghost Inn still has rooms available. Please call them directly at 800-745-3615 to get rally pricing. Tell them you are going to the New England Victory Rally. We have also arranged to have shuttle service for Friday and Saturday nights. It will run from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM on each evening. Now you can come hang out, have a few drinks and not have to worry about getting back on your bike. The three inns are also within walking distance of each other. The rally is only a couple of months away, so PLEASE REGISTER at www.massbayvictoryriders.com so that we can get an accurate head count for food, t-shirts etc… We also had to change our t-shirt design slightly, this is the final version. We are doing long sleeve shirts this year in military green. They are going to look great if I do say so myself…LOL.
  4. Thanks for the comments on the videos! Glad you all like them. The zip line was a lot of fun. The folks at Hunter Mountain did a great job on the tour. Well worth doing if you are ever up there.
  5. I put together some video of our trip to the National Rally in Hunter Mountain. Here is part 1. 2SPBtpxb1uw
  6. I got this from Teare at the Resort today, thought I would pass it along. Some Lodging Options in and around Hunter: Hunter Inn (They will only open Thursday if they get 20 rooms) Beautiful accommodations ranging from hotel style to luxurious suites. Complimentary full buffet breakfast, occasional cocktail hour, open WiFi. Two children 16 and under stay free with parents. M $105-155 W $170-250 Peak/Holiday $200-285; Prices are subject to change w/o notice. 518-263-3777 hunterinn.com **** This is the larger of the accommodations close by but they are generally not open on Thursdays. I have spoken with Laura previously and have another call in today. The last information I had gotten from her was $130 average nightly for a room with 2 – Queen beds, $185 nightly for a room with either 1-King or 1-Queen. My thought is just have people call here, if they get the we aren’t open Thursday speech, tell your group to ask to be put on a list of Victory Riders calling, perhaps that will help. I hope to hear from them soon.**** The Fairlawn Inn Rated #1 in NY by NYSHTA in 2010, three leaf green rated by Audubon International. Nine luxurious rooms all with private baths, some with fireplaces, all with WiFi, flat screen TVs, DVD players, and more. Four common area rooms abundant porches, gardens and patio where you can relax. Full cooked to order breakfast, walking distance to Hunter Mountain. Secure online reservations available. M from $129 W $159-$218; 518.263.5025 fairlawninn.com **** This Inn has 6 rooms available and is less than a mile from the mountain, it is on main street in Hunter. The nightly charges range from $159 - $229. There is a 2 night minimum and people can book online. **** The Washington Irving Inn Minutes from world class skiing at Hunter Mountain. Lift ticket specials. Classy comfort in 15 country rooms, modern amenities, splendid mountain views, authentic period pieces/antiques. 2 miles to Hunter Mountain. M from $125 W $140-190; Full breakfast included. 518-589-5560 washingtonirving.com ***I spoke with Andrea and they have all of their 15 rooms available ranging in price from $150-180, that includes a full breakfast and an afternoon tea. There are varying size rooms with various types of beds, from twin to queen to king. Just depends on what people are looking for.*** The Mountain View Lodge Located in the heart of the beautiful northern Catskill Mountains with breathtaking sights of Hunter Mountain. The Mountain View Lodge is conveniently located near many activities and attractions. We are one of the most popular places to stay all year round. 518-263-4422 mvlodge.com **** My manager says this is first class LODGE. It is small, a total of 10 rooms and approximately 2 miles from the mountain. 7 of those rooms have 2- FULL size beds, 1 has 1-QUEEN, and 1 has 1-KING. The charge is $90 per night. The 7 rooms with 2 full beds can conceivably hold 4 adults, there is a $10 per person charge for an occupancy over 2 people (so another $20 for another couple). I spoke with Suzanne, mention Victory Riders.****
  7. I was given these hotels, but was told that there was not special rates. Roseberry Inn Scribner Hallow Lodge Hunter Inn Villa Vosilla I passed these on to those who were looking for rooms. They have found them to be much more expensive. They have also found that many of the hotels in the area are not open on Wednesday or Thursday nights. If anyone has had different experiences, please pass them on so that we can let our members know.
  8. Thanks, I will let everyone know that we should have some names in a few days.
  9. We have some members that are looking for alternative hotels in the hunter mountain area. Are there any suggested locations? Thanks?
  10. We still have a few rooms available at the Big Bears Lodge. Remember to book your room and if you have not signed up please do so--that is how we know home many meals to order, you don't want to be left out!
  11. New England Victory Rally Update, March, 2014 Spring is almost here and it time to start planning our rides and adventures for the 2014 riding season. Up there in the Northeast, we are fortunate to have two great VMC related events in the Northeast Region during the summer of 2014. First, the VMC National Rally in Hunter, New York from July 17 – 20th and the second the New England Victory Rally in West Dover, VT from August 21-24th. acqHQjOan4k
  12. Fantastic Matt, we look forward to seeing your guys there!
  13. We have secured sponsorhip from MOM'South and Diamond Gusset Jeans. Diamond Gusset has set up a 15% promo code for us that is good for any purchase through March 31st. Just use the promo code "victory" at checkout. http://www.americangusset.com/ Check out the Defender Motorcycle Jeans. All their jeans are 100% American made!
  14. After we have all had a great time at the National Rally in Hunter Mountain, NY lets send the summer out with a bang! 2014 New England Victory Rally, Mount Snow, VT Sign Up At: www.massbayvictoryriders.com Join your fellow Victory Riders for an end of the summer bash in the beautiful Deerfield Valley of Southern Vermont. Located near Mount Snow, right on Route 100, the Valley offers some of the best motorcycle roads in the country. Brought to you by the Massachusetts Bay Victory Riders of the Victory Motorcycle Club. Benefiting: Homes for Our Troops , a national non-profit oganization founded in 2004, dedicated to building or retro-fitting homes for our servicemen and servicewomen who have been seriously injured since September, 11 2001. Learn more about Homes for Our Troops by visiting their Web site at www.homesforourtroops.org When: August 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2014 Location: Matterhorn Inn, West Dover, VT. The Matterhorn will serve as our base of operations for registration, events and cookouts on Friday and Saturday evenings. Lodging: Lodging will be spread out across several of the quaint Vermont inns along route 100. All locations are within a mile of each other and there is free public transportation within the valley. The Pricing for all Inns is $79 per night for double occupancy and $99 per night for a suite. Fees include a home cooked breakfast. Matterhorn Inn 248 Route 100 West Dover, VT 05356 (802) 464-4676 www.matterhorninnvt.com Big Bears Lodge 344 Route 100 West Dover, VT 05356 (802) 464-5591 www.bigbearslodge.com Kitzhof Inn 332 Vermont 100 West Dover, VT 05356 (802) 464-8310 www.kitzhof.com Camping Options: Molly Stark State Park 705 Route 9 East Wilmington Vermont 05363 (802) 464-8310 www.vtstateparks.com/mollystark.htm Rides: Rides during the event will be self-guided. That way everyone can explore the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont at their own pace. We will provide maps, GPX files and ride suggestions at the registration area. We have 15 rides with GPX files on on our rally page. Click the ride link to check the out! Schedule: Thursday, August 21st Registration/Ride Booth at the Matterhorn, starting at noon Meet and Greet at the Matterhorn, starting at 3pm Dinner is on your own. The Matterhorn will have the kitchen and the bar open. There are also several other good restaurants in the area. Friday, August 22st Registration/Ride Booth at the Matterhorn, starting at 8am Self-guided Rides Cookout 6pm at the Matterhorn Saturday, August 23rd Registration/Ride Booth at the Matterhorn, starting at 8am Self-guided Rides Pig Roast 6pm at the Matterhorn Sunday, August 24rd Pack-up and head home after breakfast Questions: If you have questions, contact us at info@massayvictoryriders.com Sign Up At: www.massbayvictoryriders.com
  15. Donna is right on the money. If the VMC is going to continue with the current model of moving the National Rally each year to a different host chapter, then it has to be up to that chapter to work out the dates that work best for them. If the dates and location do not work for any individual then they can choose not to attend. I had to make that decision for the last two Nationals. The dates did not work for Arkansas and the time off work was too great for Idaho. This year I can make it. However, there may be something to setting a permanent time and location for the National that everyone can count on year after year. But where/when is that going to be and who is willing to take on the planning and running of such an event year after year?
  16. There will be three bikes from Boston and six riders planning on going.
  17. I have never been to Prescott, but Sedona and Flagstaff and beautiful. It will be a great place for a meet. This is what Google maps says about the trip from Boston. "Driving directions to Prescott, AZ 2,631 mi – about 1 day 18 hours." I laughed, then realized their day = 24 hours. I guess they don't expect you to sleep, eat or anything else. I will start saving vacation days.
  18. I would be interested in the retro in chrome. Looking forward to seeing the final product!
  19. I think you got a winner. It complements the form of the bike and maximizes utility.
  20. Personally I like your second design and would buy it. I was attracted to the Vision because it has a clean, streamline design and don't want to clutter it up with skulls, flames and wings. No offense, that's is just my personal taste. As far as the load capacity goes, I don't expect to be able to put 50 lbs up there, but if I can't put a sleeping bag, bed role and two man tent up there, it is of little value to me. I am sure your rack will handle the weight, what I am concerned with is the ability to securely fasten those items. End the end you have to make the rack that you think will sell. Thanks for all your work and willingness to listen.
  21. I think it is a cool idea and would be a great show-peice, but pesonally I would like to see a more functional design. I would be looking to load the rack with a tent and other camping gear, so making sure everything is secure would be my main concern.
  22. As with the other posts I would like to see a rack that clears the trunk with enough space to attach bungees and allows the bags to clear the trunk (no scratching). I have also heard bad things about the chrome quality of the OEM rack--but I am sure yours will not have this issue. The rack should sit level and some bungee stops would be nice. I would be interested in a simple, funtional design that fits with the flow of the bike. No flames, skulls etc... for me.
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