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  1. Well I see where the hotel refunded my deposit with no penalty, Thank You. Now waiting to see what the VMC will do. Regards
  2. Do to hurricane that hit Nova Scotia this weekend I am unable to attend this event. At present we have no power in surrounding area and none expected till maybe Wednesday. I know its after Aug.5th but I need to cancel this event which I have registered two of us Please advise Regards Mike Sutherland (Eurp) Sandra Landry
  3. Registration for two completed, see you in Sept. Regards
  4. Not sure what happened but just tried to register filled out info down to how would like to pay, paypal and came up event not available. Will try again later. Regards
  5. "  Eurp - I have sent you an email with a couple more questions for you so we can get this taken care of." 

    In regards to e-mail sent to me regarding Sanders's registration, have not received.



    Mike (Eurp)  

    1. xcbubbamom


      It was returned to me as undeliverable to your email so I resent it to hers that you provided in your post.

  6. Sandra, e-mail landry_05@hotmail.com, Thanks
  7. No she doesn't have bike, she is with me a full time member. I registered her as Associate Member but notice it seems not to take effect till 01/01/2020. So now I am real confused. Regards
  8. Question, If my wife is traveling to event with me does she also have to be a member to register, or does she have to register as non-member. Regards
  9. Room booked from 12th, check out on 15th at 11:00AM for this event, see y'all there Regards
  10. Just waiting on more info, mapped it out all ready 14/15 hours. Will most likely stop in and around Gorham, NH. for the first night. Maybe at Hotel we had meet in 2010 Eurp.
  11. Problem solved misspelling of last name on e-mail address, all good now. See you there in July if all goes as planned Regards
  12. Well booked room but no confirmation from hotel yet, Mike S.
  13. Tom depends on how much time you have, Acadia trail is a nice ride down to Moncton then you can take highway from there to St. Andrews, are you talking Friday the 21st and how long you got. Regards
  14. Have a couple for me, I am at my place in Cape Breton, all is not lost will be going to Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, Nova Scotia long weekend in Sept. been wanting to get to this one for a few years. Regards
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