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  1. The National Meet is 29 days away!!  Most people who ride motorcycles when they think of Tennessee they think of the Dragon.  If you haven't looked at the other rides the NashVegas VMC members planned for the event you are really missing out.  Click the link to see the great rides that are planned.  I am looking at the Tennessee Whiskey Tour, Devils Triangle, and the Corvette Museum.


    Get registered to attend the event to ride along with other VMC members.



  2. It's time to complete the registration for the National Meet 2015 in Tennessee!  Not only has the group in Murfreesboro planned some great rides in the area for us (check out the registration website if you don't believe me), but it is also a great time to connect with friends we have made through the VMC as well as make some new friends.  I am looking forward to catching up with a lot of the people I met last year at the National Meet as well as having some great times with them this year.

    So now it is coming down to the wire to get your registration in so that you can join in having some great times as well! 

    Shortly, you will need to pay more in order to attend the event.


  3. OK, we are down to 35 away to the National Meet in Tennessee.  It is going to be a great event and you don't want to be the one saying afterwards that you had wish you had gone but didn't.  The group putting on the event have planned some great rides in an area known for great rides.  So it is time to get the registration in so that you can come to the event at the Early Registration rate.

    I met a lot of great people at last years event and looking forward to seeing you at this years National Meet!


  4. The National Meet 2015 in Murfreesboro, TN is less than 60 days away.  It is going to be a great event.  For those of you that are planning on going and have not yet registered, you are running out of time to register with the lowest rates.  For those that aren't sure, these events really are a lot of fun.  You will be meeting in person with other members of the VMC from around the country.  Last year I met people from 28 states from all around the country.  There were also several members from the Great White North.  Canada for those members far enough south that haven't heard the reference before.  It is great to put faces to names.  In addition, I am looking forward to some of the great rides that the NashVega people have planned out for us as well as checking out the Nashville region.

    I am looking forward to a great event!!  Get registered if you haven't and plan on attending.


  5. The NashVegas hosting chapter has suggested some great looking rides for the National Meet 2015.  In speaking with Ken late last week and looking at the rides, I can hardly wait to get down there to spend some time in the Nashville area as well as hit some of the rides.  They really do look great.


  6. As we all look forward to the National Meet 2015 in Tennessee (my reservations are made and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there), there is one last item regarding the National Meet 2014 that I would like to announce. 

    The Double H Ranch was our charity for the National Meet 2014.  They are a great organization that helps many kids have a great camp experience that they otherwise may never have an opportunity to have.  The Adirondack Victory Riders have direct connection to the camp as one of our members has a daughter that participates at the camp.  The members attending the National Meet 2014 were not only extremely nice to each other and had a great time - they also raised $8,091.71 for the Double H Ranch.  It is great to see how generous the members of the VMC are.

    Again thanks to everyone that helped!!!!!


  7. THANK YOU!  It sounds like you may have fallen victim to one of Tony's early GPS files (it appears that on our local chapter rides he is building in a U-turn on a deadend on all the rides:) ).  Either way we all glad that you had a great time.  We did as well!!  It was great to see some of the rides taking place.  We pre-road all of them, but we didn't get much of a chance to ride for the weekend.  Hopefully, everyone that attended had the opportunity to take some of the great roads in the area.


    Thanks again!


  8. I made my reservation at the Embassy Suites for the National Meet 2015.  The Adirondack Victory Riders had a great time hosting Victory on the Mountain and several of us are looking to see everyone again in Tennessee.  The biggest issue we have is which way to go to get there.


  9. the Adirondack Victory Riders would like to thank everyone that attended the National Meet 2014 - Victory on the Mountain.  While it was a lot of hard work - we caught up with a lot of old friends and met many more new friends and had a great time.  It is a great team of people to work with!

      We also had many complements from the people at Hunter Mountain.  Hunter Mountain commented that the VMC were one of the nicest groups of people to come through the resort in a long time - we may have picked up a few honorary members along the way.  I definitely have to agree.

    We will have some more posts over the few days finalizing the exact amount to go to the Double H Ranch as well as some pictures and video.

    THANK YOU!!!!


  10. The National Meet events committee and the Victory Motorcycle club would like to extend a warm welcome to one of the vendors that will be attending the National Meet in Hunter, NY, July 17 through July 20, 2014. CycleOpsUSA is a well-known vendor with VMC members that provides exceptional performance products and service. Many of you are already familiar with CycleOpsUSA since they have been a long time member of the Victory Motorcycle Club cool.gif   In thanking CycleOps for attending the National Meet 2014 we would ask that you not only visit with Will, but also patronize CycleOps by purchasing some of the great products related to Victory Motorcycles. CycleOps also will make custom accessories for your bike.  Many of our local chapter members have several of his products installed on their bikes - they look great!






  11. The National Meet committee and the Victory Motorcycle Club would like to extend a warm welcome to Steve Menneto Vice President, Motorcycles Polaris Industries to present the key note at the Saturday, July 19th banquet at Victory on the Mountain in Hunter, NY.  I am sure that many of you have read some of the interviews and seen some of the videos of various interviews.  We will have an opportunity to hear first hand from Steve some information regarding the past as well as future of Victory Motorcycles.  In addition, please get your questions ready at registration for some of them to be asked to Steve at the banquet.  Steve is well aware that the VMC members are great evangelists for the Victory Motorcycle brand.  I know I am looking forward to his presentation.

    THANK YOU Polaris Industries!


  12. We are working with Hunter Mountain for the alternatives.  We should have something in the next day or so.  Additionally, since the registration deadline is approaching there is some churn in the rooms available at Hunter Mountain.





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