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  1. Great Pics Terry...it was just like I was there. What is this Victory Rally all about any way? Would love to go sometime. :blnk
  2. Why on earth would you "haul" a Vision to the National Meet? :dno I think that might be even worse than trailering. Thoughts??
  3. WitchDoctor texted me some pictures of inside the convention center.....pretty cool with Conquest Customs banners and WitchDoctor stuff. Wish I could be there...have a great time! :y:
  4. I just had the dyno tune, Power Commander and Lloyds adjustable intake done at the AVR......Thanks Kyle and Rylan. You guys were working your asses off! :y:
  5. Patti....I have not had the good fortune of meeting you yet but thank you for you dedication to this event every year. It's a pretty special event that serves many purposes. Thank you for all you have done to make it great. :tu :inw :inw :inw :inw :inw :inw
  6. It was great meeting everyone on the leg from Plainfield to Hebron, OH....Also nice to see that Robrown made the leg from Ohio to Maryland. I love his Kingin (and yours too Guie. I was going to post some pics but it looks like Guie has em all covered. I will double check to make sure we aren't missing any! Looking forward to seeing some of you at Lil Sturgis in just a few short weeks. :y:
  7. By the way, the night before the arrival in Hebron, serious storms went through the area ripping up trees, etc. The devastation in route from Plainfield was very noticeable. In fact, a state of emergency was declared in the Hebron area and electricity outages were very widespread. The wait for gas in the Hebron area was approx 2 hrs....it was unbelievable. Anyway, tcbcruse (Todd) and I left Hebron for home at about 5PM Saturday evening and for the next 80 miles or so, the devastation continued. Power outages moved along with the devastation. Most traffic signals were not operating al
  8. What a great time last night (yes, I had too much Crown) but it was awesome to meet everyone. Thanks Rob and Keith for Leading and Tailgunning respectively :-)......it was great to meet everyone and I look forward to seeing some of you at Lil Sturgiss in a short month from now. The ride today was very cool. It's a great site to see a bunch of Victorys riding together...our group got a lot of rubber necking today. I wish we had better roads to ride on this leg....the roads were quite boring. Good thing we had a great group or it would have been torture LOL. Patti - nice shirts
  9. Did ya get enough rooms booked to get the free conference room? :dno
  10. I am organizing a group from the Akron/Canton area to meet up in Plainfield for the ride to Hebron or beyond. Look forward to meeting everyone :y:
  11. I am organizing a group of folks from the Akron/Canton, Ohio area that will meet up with you in Plainfield, IN and ride to Hebron, Ohio (and maybe further for some of us). My room is booked in Plainfield, IN for Friday night. Will arrive around dinner time. Look forward to meeting everyone. :y:
  12. I big thank you from a VMC rookie.....it was my first meet and it was a blast. Thanks to all that worked so hard to coordinate the event. Next time can you find a hotel with an elevator....my back still hurts from carrying dead weight to their room...LOL. :beer :ltr
  13. I may not be the 1st to arrive, but I am going to tear it up when I get there....looking forward to meeting all you victory riders in a few days....it's going to be a blast. Please don't hold the fact that I am lobsterhunter brother against me..... :beer
  14. Coming from Ohio - across New York....I am contemplating going I-90 or I-86/I88.....anybody have experience with either route? :chpr
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