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  1. It is good to hear you will be joining us for the national meet. I will look for the written specifics of having your non-Victory owning friend join us however, I have been at more than a few national meets and seen multiple (though not overly many) non-Victory riders joining us at these meets. As there has been in the past and will be again at least this next year, there is a Member price and non-member price for the event. Note: Members receive a slightly discounted price as you/we pay annual dues, where non-members do not. Be certain it is not an attempt to penalize non members, it is j
  2. Very excited to host this. More to follow soon...
  3. I would love to attend:dp , but I will be back in the Middle East working again:doh. I think my wife will be able to make it again. :pcb
  4. John. Thanks for the info. It's a shame there isn't more interest out west.
  5. I'm planning on going to Arizona Bike Week and would like to meet up with my fellow Vicksters. :tu In the event this becomes "That Thread", I'd like to know from anyone who is local or has done AZBW before: What is the generally accepted gathering site for Vics? Where is the closest/best Vic dealer? Are there any Victory sponsored rides? Is the Polaris/Victory Demo Ride truck scheduled to be there? All other pertinent questions are welcome, relevant answers even more so. :chpr
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